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Spring Yard Cleanup to Keep Your Pets and Family Safe

Transform your yard for spring to create a hazard-free outdoor haven for your pets and family.

April 25, 2024 4 min read
Spring Yard Cleanup to Keep Your Pets and Family Safe

Over the cold winter, your yard may have fallen into disarray. You may have broken tree limbs, forgotten toys, and other debris scattered across the lawn. There may also be potential outdoor hazards that you wouldn’t want your children or pets to get into, such as bags of mulch, toxic flowers, or containers of antifreeze.

With spring in full effect, there’s no better time to start cleaning up your yard. Let’s take a look at some of the top dangers found in residential yards and how to implement pet-friendly landscaping and garden safety.

Common Hazards Found in Your Own Backyard

Maintaining a clean, well-kept yard can help keep your pets and family safe throughout spring and beyond. Be on the lookout for potential outdoor hazards that you may have overlooked last season.

Start by removing toxic flowers, plants, and weeds. Amaryllis, birds of paradise, azalea, daffodils, daisies, hyacinth, and eucalyptus are just a few examples of toxic plants that could harm your pets if ingested.

Next, remove things that your playful pets could accidentally eat or injure themselves with, such as mulch, rocks, and sticks. These items can irritate the digestive tract and even cause obstructions that require surgery.

Ticks and fleas are other major concerns during the spring season. While it’s not always possible to prevent your pets from getting parasites, you can reduce this risk by cleaning up areas where these parasites are often found, such as wood piles and tall grass.

The presence of pesticides and fertilizers can also pose a risk for small children and pets. Ideally, you should opt for natural alternatives, such as organic plant oils, plant extract sprays, mineral insecticides, and microbial insecticides.

Pet-Friendly Spring Yard Cleanup Safety Tips

Preparing your yard for warmer weather can take a lot of work but the results are worth it to keep your pets and family safe. When performing yard cleanup, there are some tips you’ll want to remember.

Number 1: Yard cleanup is often accompanied by electronic equipment, such as lawn mowers and weed eaters. When using these tools, be sure to always unplug them after use. Your pet could trip over them or accidentally turn them on, potentially leading to injury. If possible, keep your pet inside while you’re using any dangerous equipment.

Number 2: Pet waste is a common presence in yards that house pets. Unfortunately, pet waste can be dangerous if you forget to pick it up. Feces can carry a range of harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that could be spread around the yard and possibly into your home on the bottom of shoes or your pet’s feet.

Number 3: If you have a water source in your yard, such as a swimming pool, pond, or river access, you’ll want to do due diligence to ensure that it’s safe. Drowning, of course, is always a hazard when it comes to children and pets. However, you’ll also want to consider infectious bacteria like leptospirosis, which can linger in stagnant water.

Number 4: If you have a home in the country or near wildlife, take some necessary precautions to keep your family and pets safe. Do not leave food or water sources outside that could attract wild animals. Also, remove common shelters where wildlife like snakes hide, such as tree hollows, underground holes, and leaf litter. To keep stray animals at bay, seal your garbage cans, lock any doggie doors, and don’t put enticing foods in your compost.

Number 5: Another concern you may have when it comes to your pet is how to safely keep them inside. Gaps, holes, or crevices in fences can encourage curious animals to escape the yard and possibly get lost. Fencing in need of repair could also cause harm to your pet if there are exposed screws or sharp edges.

Keeping Your Pets Safe During Yard Cleaning

Early spring is a great time to develop a maintenance schedule for the rest of the season and into summer. Decide if you’ll be performing routine maintenance like lawn mowing and weed eating on your own or if you’ll need to hire a lawn care company to complete these tasks for you. This can help ensure that your lawn never gets overgrown and dangerous for your pets and family.

You’ll also want to supervise your pets while they’re outdoors whenever possible. Although you may think you cleaned up everything, your pet may discover things you missed. Keeping an eye on your cat or dog while outdoors can help prevent accidental poisoning and injuries.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have your pet undergo a spring vet checkup. As the weather gets warmer, you’ll likely be spending more time in the yard. You’ll want to ensure that your pets are in good health and can walk, run, and play without concern for their health or safety.

A Clean Yard and A Healthy Pet for Spring

With many families starting their spring cleaning routines in and outside their homes, there’s no better time to familiarize yourself with some common outdoor hazards that could potentially harm your children and pets. By taking the time to clean and tidy your yard this spring, you can spend the rest of the season relaxing with your family without concern for their health and safety.

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