Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) What is Pet Assure?

    Pet Assure is a Veterinary Discount Plan. Simply show your Pet Assure card and save – the veterinary staff will reduce their medical service prices by 25%, no questions asked! With Pet Assure you receive:

    • 25% savings on veterinary care from thousands of participating veterinarians
    • You also receive:
  • 2) Why is Pet Assure only a 25% savings when pet insurance claims 70%-90% coverage?

    While pet insurance seems attractive with their high coverage numbers, the facts are very different. A typical policy only pays about 40% of a pet’s annual medical bills. The rest gets wiped away by deductibles and fine print. Did you know that pet insurance policies exclude an average of more than 200 conditions/procedures?!

    Pet Assure is low cost, has no deductibles and because there are no exclusions on in-house medical services, you get a guaranteed savings of 25% each and every visit. You actually save more than insurance on regular veterinary care!

  • 3) Are Pet Assure customers happy with Pet Assure? What percentage renew?

    Yes! More than 80% of Pet Assure customers renew every year. Compare that to pet insurance where the vast majority that have tried insurance have cancelled their policies!

  • 4) How does your money back guarantee work?

    Simply return your card and pet ID tag(s) within 45 days of enrollment and we will refund your plan price, less any startup fees. No questions asked.

  • 5) Can I use Pet Assure together with pet insurance?

    Yes! Since regular pet insurance costs more than it saves for general vet usage, it is really just protection for major medical claims. If you plan to purchase or have already purchased a pet insurance policy for that reason, you should certainly consider a Pet Assure plan as well. Here are a few ways you can save with Pet Assure - even with pet insurance:

    • Initial payment - Pet insurance requires that you pay the vet in full and then file a claim, which can be a financial strain. If you have a Pet Assure card, you will instantly save 25% off your initial payment, and then you simply submit the amount paid after the Pet Assure discount to your pet insurance company.
    • Deductible - Since pet insurance has deductibles between $100 and $1,000 per year, you would be required to pay all your vet bills before the deductible is met. If you have Pet Assure, you can save 25% on all those bills as well.
    • Denied claims - Because pet insurance has hundreds of exclusions, there will be many claims that they will reject. With Pet Assure, you will save 25% on those claims as well.
  • 6) Does Pet Assure have a lot of fine print?

    NO! Pet Assure is a simple clear-cut program with no exclusions or limitations. Participating veterinarians will give you the discount on any and every pet and for any and every medical procedures. No exceptions!

  • 7) What is discounted with the veterinary discount plan? What is not discounted?

    Participating Pet Assure veterinary practices provide a 25% savings on ALL medical care provided in the office. This includes the office visit, exam, shots, surgery, x-rays and any other procedures the vet does. The veterinary practice is not required to provide a discount on products you are sent home with such as medications, food, flea or heartworm preventatives, non-medical boarding and grooming, any outside services such as lab work or outside specialists or anything already discounted. Note: Mobile veterinary practices may not provide a discount on mileage fees.
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  • 8) Does Pet Assure pay? Is pet insurance a better investment?

    For most Pet assure families, Pet Assure saves a lot more than it costs.

    For most pet insurance families, pet insurance costs a lot more than it saves.

    As Consumer Reports declared in their August 2011 special report, pet insurance rarely pays. Here are some reasons why, and how Pet Assure compares:

    • High premiums - Insurance premiums for any policy with decent coverage is $400 - $1200 per year, often even higher for older pets. Pet Assure is at most $99 per pet, even less if you have a smaller pet or have more than one pet.
    • Large Deductibles - Most insurance plans have deductibles of $100 - $500. That means, in addition to the yearly premiums, you need to pay that deductible amount out of your pocket before you can collect anything from your insurance company. With Pet Assure, you get savings from your first visit; there is no deductible.
    • Pre-existing conditions - Any illness that the insurance company deems your pet contracted before the policy began is called pre-existing and will not be covered. Even worse, when you try to renew your annual policy, many insurance policies will exclude conditions developed during the previous year because now it is a pre-existing condition! With Pet Assure, every medical condition is covered, even pre-existing conditions.
    • Waiting Period - Most insurance plans have a 7-day to 30-day waiting period during which any illness is not covered. If your pet contracts an illness during the waiting period, not only will your vet visit not be covered, but now that illness is a "pre-existing condition" and the insurance company will not cover that illness – forever. With Pet Assure, you can start using the benefit immediately.
    • Exclusions - Even after you are done paying your deductible, insurance excludes many common illnesses. Countless policy owners have discovered, after paying insurance premiums for years, that their first big claim is being denied. The insurance company is denying the very claim that they bought insurance for in the first place! That's how Pet Assure got started!
    • Wellness Visits – Most pet insurance plans either don't cover wellness visits, or cover it only if you buy an extra insurance rider. Wellness visits are included in the standard Pet Assure policy.
    • Payout Limits - Most companies have yearly and lifetime payout limits. Some even have pre-defined payouts for common ailments. Pet Assure usage is unlimited.
    • Claim forms – With insurance, you first need to pay your vet in full, then file the claim with insurance, and then wait to be reimbursed. With Pet Assure, the veterinarian provides the discount right at the time of service!
  • 9) Why do veterinarians give the discount?

    Because they know that Pet Assure clients care about their pets. It's really a win-win situation. You get quality pet care at an affordable price. Veterinarians see patients with pet parents that care about them - people like you, that want the best health care for their pets.

  • 10) What are the exclusions?

    There are NO exclusions on in-house medical services! With Pet Assure, you can enroll any pet – any breed, any age, and in any health condition. You can even enroll pets with pre-existing and hereditary conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, hip dysplasia, kennel cough, patellar luxation, etc.

  • 11) Where can I receive the Pet Assure discount?

    Thousands of participating veterinarians nationwide honor the Pet Assure discount card. Enter your zip code below to find a participating vet in your area. You can also receive discounts on pet related products at participating merchants.

  • 12) Do I need to file forms to receive my Pet Assure veterinary discount?

    No. Simply show the veterinary practice staff your Pet Assure card and they will reduce their medical service prices by 25%, no questions asked!

  • 13) How long after I enroll can I start using Pet Assure?

    Immediately! When you sign-up on our website, the Thank You page will have a link to a temporary membership card which you may print and use right away. We will then mail out your permanent Pet Assure card within 2-10 business days.

  • 14) How do I refer a veterinarian?

    To refer a veterinary practice that does not currently participate, use zip code search and then click the "Invite This Vet to Join Pet Assure" button for each non-participating practice you wish to invite.

    If the practice you wish to refer is not listed, please complete this form.

  • 15) How does the lost pet recovery service work?

    The lost pet recovery service is provided free of charge to all Pet Assure members. You receive a super-lightweight collar ID tag for each dog and cat you enroll with Pet Assure. The unique laser-inscribed number on each tag is tied to our database and our Lost Pet Recovery service helps bring your pet home in case they ever stray away. When someone finds your pet, all they have to do is call our toll-free number at any hour of day or night. Our operators go right to work. They call your home, your work, your cell phone, and every emergency contact you provided, until they find someone that knows your pet. Our service has reunited thousands of pets with their owners.

  • 16) Why is the lost pet service better than microchipping?

    Strangers that find lost pets may not always be able to bring the pet to a shelter to have the microchip scanned for your contact information. Our free lost pet service only requires one phone call which makes it easy for strangers to return your pet. Our lost pet recovery ID tag can be used whether or not your pet is microchipped.

  • 17) Why do I need a lost pet service? Can't I just use a standard collar with my phone number?

    Many of our lost pet incidents occurred when the pet's guardian was on vacation or injured, thus unreachable. With our free service, you can rest assured that your pet can be returned to you even if you are unreachable.

  • 18) How do I enroll?

    Simply click here to sign up now risk-free for 45 days.

  • 19) Already a member and have a question about your account?

    Click here: Member FAQs

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