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Pet Assure Veterinary Network

Pet Assure has participating veterinarians in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Click here to search for a veterinarian near you. If you’re moving or traveling, visit our website to find a participating veterinarian near your destination to save on pet care on the go.

If your pet has an appointment in an hour, no problem! Sign up now and show your digital card to start saving on veterinary care. There are no waiting periods and you’ll save at every vet appointment.

No Exclusions, Deductibles or Claim Forms

Since Pet Assure isn’t insurance, there are no exclusions, no forms to fill out and no deductibles to meet before your coverage kicks in. This also means that you won’t be denied any claim for any reason. Just visit a participating vet and receive your savings at checkout.

Whether your pet has a pre-existing condition like allergies or periodontal disease, a hereditary condition like hip dysplasia or diabetes, or is a type of pet that isn’t traditionally covered by pet insurance like rabbits or birds, you’ll save on their veterinary care!

Added Benefits

Lost Pet Recovery Service

Enrolling your pets in Pet Assure also gives you 24/7 piece-of-mind. We’ll send you a pet tag that you can attach to your pet’s collar. If your pet ever goes missing, the finder can call the 24/7 lost pet number on the tag. Our operators will call every emergency contact in your account until we can arrange a convenient pickup for your pet.

$50 Towards your First Reservation with Rover

All Pet Assure members receive $50 towards their first pet sitting, boarding or walking reservation at As soon as you enroll, you can access the promo directly from your account.

Pet Assure is made up of pet owners who want the best for their pets, just like you!

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Pet Assure members save 25% at every visit to the vet. Join thousands of pet families receiving discounted veterinary care with Pet Assure.

Welcome Veterinarians

Pet Assure is the largest veterinary network in the U.S. with over 5,600 veterinarians.

Pet Assure powers DVM Network, a brand built to support our participating veterinary professionals and help them grow their practice.

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