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Rabbits have an average lifespan of 10 years and aren’t always the type of low-maintenance pet that many people assume. They need just as much love, care, and attention as any other type of pet. Before you bring a rabbit home, make sure that you can provide a clean and comfortable housing area for your new pet. While rabbits need some time to themselves, they’re also social creatures that benefit from plenty of exercise, enrichment activities, and social interaction.

Since your rabbit will also spend time out of his or her housing unit, make sure that you bunny-proof your home by covering things rabbits are likely to chew on such as computer wires and piles of paper. You also need to have the time and patience to complete litter box training and to provide your new rabbit with proper nutrition. While your rabbit depends on you for good health, you can depend on Pet Assure to cover the costs associated with providing high-quality veterinary care.

Common Health Issues in Rabbits

The three most common issues that owners run into with rabbits are:

  • Bladder infection: Rabbits can develop bladder infections or even bladder stones. If your rabbit is not eating the proper diet, these can quickly form causing a lot of pain and discomfort for your rabbit. Your vet can help determine if your rabbit has a bladder infection or a bladder stone. 
  • GI Issues: Rabbits are prone to developing GI stasis. This is where their intestinal tract stops moving. This can be very painful and often requires force-feeding and medication from your vet to help your rabbit's GI tract start to work again. 
  • Ear infections: Ear mites are commonly seen in rabbits kept outside. This can cause your rabbit to itch their ears and shake their head. Your vet can prescribe medication to your rabbit to help get rid of any infection or ear mites. 
  • Tumors: Rabbits can develop masses just like any other animal. If you notice a growth on your rabbit, it would be best for them to see your vet right away. Depending on where it is located and what it looks like your vet may recommend that your rabbit have surgery to remove this mass. 

Rabbit Pet Insurance Alternative

Pet rabbits are popular animals for people to have as pets. Whether it’s a new concern such as infections, GI issues, or you need treatment for your rabbit's pre-existing conditions, Pet Assure can help. We are a veterinary discount plan that provides a low-cost pet insurance alternative for every type of pet, even rabbits! This plan has no exclusions due to age, breed, or hereditary conditions. Even pre-existing conditions are covered! Get a quote today

We know you love your rabbit and want to provide the best possible care. Learn more about Pet Assure today!

Medically Reviewed by Sara Ochoa, DVM 

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