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Hedgehog Insurance Alternative

When it comes to cute and unique pets, it doesn’t get much better than owning a hedgehog. With a lifespan of approximately four to seven years, your hedgehog requires the same commitment as any other pet. This includes veterinary care. Maybe you have looked for pet insurance and find that most exclude hedgehogs. If so, we’re happy to let you know that hedgehogs are covered with Pet Assure.

Our low-cost pet insurance alternative covers all in-house medical services as well as covers pre-existing conditions. We offer an immediate 25 percent discount at the time of service with no claim form required. It’s convenient for you and the best way to ensure maximum lifespan for your cute, prickly friend.

Potential Hedgehog Health Complications

Mites, an external parasite, are the most common health problem of hedgehogs. Although most hedgehogs have mites, it’s typically not bad enough to notice or warrant treatment because they never show symptoms from them. It’s only when the mites cause itching and irritation that a vet visit is in order. Symptoms you might notice include:

Prescription medication typically eliminates mites in hedgehogs in about two weeks.

Obesity is another big concern with pet hedgehogs. This can happen when your hedgehog spends too much time in a cage with little exercise or you offer too much food or too many treats. The best way to avoid this is to ask your veterinarian how much to feed your hedgehog daily and then measure out the food before serving it. Allowing your hedgehog plenty of time outside the cage and placing an exercise ball inside of it can help to keep excess fat at bay.

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