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Fish Insurance Alternative

Pet fish can be an excellent alternative for people with allergies or a busy schedule that doesn’t allow them enough time to care for a more traditional pet like a dog or cat. However, it’s a myth that pet fish don’t need veterinary care because they have a significantly shorter life span than other pets. As a leading pet insurance alternative, Pet Assure covers all in-house medical services and covers pre-existing conditions for your pet fish.

Health Concerns to Watch for in Your Pet Fish

A fish with a fin that lies too close to the rest of the body may be in distress. In fact, a clamped fin is often the first sign of disease in fish. Regardless of the reason for the clamped fin, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian right away. Pet fish are covered as part of the Pet Assure insurance plan.

Your pet fish might also be trying to tell you that something is wrong when it tries to shimmy. Distressed fish often attempt to swim as fast as possible, even with one or more damaged fins. It can look like your pet fish is trying to swim fast even when not in motion due to these panicked movements. The tails are typically in motion along with the fins.

Sores and discoloration anywhere on your fish’s body could indicate a fight with another fish or scraping the side of the aquarium too closely. You should bring your fish in for immediate veterinary care if you notice this.

When your fish appears to gasp for air, it’s possible that you haven’t directed enough oxygen into the tank. If you check and the oxygen level is fine, your fish has another health problem requiring attention.

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