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Chicken Insurance Alternative

If you’re looking for a low maintenance pet, chickens fit the bill quite nicely. The only thing you need to do with pet chickens that you don’t need to do with other types of pets is collect their freshly laid eggs.

Even Cool Pets Need Regular Veterinary Care

It’s not too many people who can say they keep a pet chicken. Before you bring one home, however, it’s important to understand you will need to provide routine veterinary care for this type of pet as well. Pet Assure is a pet insurance alternative that covers pre-existing conditions and covers all in-house medical services. You receive an immediate discount at the time of service, which means no claim forms to complete and submit later. We believe in providing our clients with the best service possible by keeping it simple.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Chicken Healthy

Lice can be a problem with pet chickens when they don’t preen or dust bathe often enough. If you notice white marks near your chicken’s tail feathers or around the vent, it could be lice. Typically, this problem only requires a small application of lice powder to eliminate.

Red mites are another common problem in pet chickens. They feast on a chicken’s blood only at night. One of the first indications of red mites is that the chicken doesn’t lay eggs as often. Listlessness and scratching are additional common symptoms. If you suspect red mites, we recommend that you contact your veterinarian immediately for advice.

Yes, Pet Chickens Are Covered!

If you’re tired of other pet insurance companies denying coverage for your pet chicken, we urge you to work with Pet Assure instead. More than 150,000 pet owners who trust us can’t be wrong. Please contact us today to learn more or request a low-cost quote.


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