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Canine Pannus


The cornea is a see-through tissue that covers the eye. Pannus, also known as Chronic Superficial Keratitis, is inflammation of the cornea. It is not painful but will affect your dog's vision.

If Pannus is left untreated, it can be blinding. 

Pannus occurs mainly in German Shepherds, but it can occur in other breeds.


Pannus is immune-mediated (the immune system fights the cornea).

It can be triggered and aggravated by other things, including:


Typically, both eyes are affected.

Other signs you may notice:


Diagnosis is usually based on medical history and signs.

To rule out other diseases, your veterinarian may perform the following tests:


Pannus can not be cured entirely but is controllable. Treatment will stop the disease from progressing and may reverse some of the damage.

Treatment may include:


Pannus itself is not preventable, but you can try to prevent relapses.

Affected dogs should:


Life-long treatment is often necessary. You must follow your veterinarian's instructions with giving medication. Following up with your veterinarian is also important because they may need to adjust the medication.

Most dogs respond well if you give the medication correctly.

Medically Reviewed by Sara Ochoa, DVM

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