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Canine Gastritis

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. It is a common condition.


Gastritis can be or chronic or acute. Both can be caused by the following:

Many times, acute gastritis is brought on by:

Chronic gastritis tends to be caused by long-term exposure to:

Chronic gastritis means your dog has been vomiting for longer than two weeks. Acute gastritis usually lasts for less than 24 hours. The main causes are from dietary indiscretions: eating spoiled or raw food, non-food like garbage or cat litter, eating too much food, exposure to mold, etc. Most dogs will recover quickly.


The main symptom is constant vomiting.

Other signs can include:


In acute cases, your veterinarian will perform blood and urine tests to determine the cause of inflammation

In chronic cases, your veterinarian may perform additional tests, including:


Acute gastritis can usually be resolved without medication. Your veterinarian will most likely recommend the following:

Chronic gastritis will be treated based on the cause of inflammation. If your dog is unstable, hospitalization may be necessary for IV fluids and anti-vomiting medications.

If your dog is in stable condition, your veterinarian will decide on treatment and medication depending on what is causing gastritis. They may prescribe stomach protectants, anti-vomiting medications, or antacids to help ease your dog's discomfort.


The best preventative measure against gastritis is to avoid any medication or substance that may cause the condition.


The prognosis is very good for acute gastritis. The prognosis for chronic gastritis depends on the cause.


Medically Reviewed by Sara Ochoa, DVM

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