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Chinese Crested Dogs

Chinese Cresteds, while not the most well-known dogs, are sociable, sweet, and make good companion pets. These dogs have little to no hair. Chinese Cresteds enjoy being with their owners and with other family pets; they generally do well in homes with children, too. However, like most toy breeds, Chinese Cresteds need careful handling because of their small size. They are Playful, gentle, alert, and affectionate. Chinese Cresteds are great companions.

Common Health Issues Seen in Chinese Crested Dogs

Most Chines Crested health issues are related to their skin. Below are some of the most common

  • Skin Issues: Chinese Crested dogs have little to no fur. This can cause their skin to have issues such as infection, sunburn, or blackheads. All of these conditions will need to have constant care and attention to help keep your Chinese Crested dog's skin healthy. 
  • Seizures: This breed of dog is known to have seizures. This usually starts in their first few years of life, requiring lifelong medications. 
  • Patella Luxation: Many small breed dogs have luxating patellas. This occurs when their knee caps pop in and out of place. It can cause your dog to need surgery to help keep their knee caps in place and prevent arthritis. 

All of these issues will need constant care and monitoring to help keep your Chinese Crested healthy and happy. If you notice anything wrong with your Chinese Crested skin, or other health issues, they should see a vet right away. Some of these issues, such as seizures, can be life-threatening.

Pet Insurance for Chinese Crested

If you are looking for pet health insurance for your Chinese Crested, you should cover genetic conditions. Chinese Crested are prone to skin issues since they are a hairless dog breed and joint issues. There are procedures that your Chinese Crested may need to help fix their knee issues and help them walk much better. You will also want one with short waiting times as many of these procedures need to be done immediately.

You could also consider enrolling in Pet Assure, a veterinary discount plan that is a low-cost pet insurance alternative. This plan has no exclusions due to age, breed, or hereditary conditions. Even pre-existing conditions are covered! Get a quote today. It's perfect for Chinese Crested! 

Medically reviewed by Sara Ochoa, DVM

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