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Bulldogs are known to have wrinkles all over their face and body. Because of this, this breed is extremely adorable and popular. Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs that typically weigh around 50 pounds. They have very short and curly tails. Unfortunately, Bulldogs have short noses that cause a lot of breathing and respiratory issues. Because of this, they should stay inside when it is hot inside.

Common Health Issues Seen in Bulldogs

Most bulldog health issues are related to their short nose and wrinkly skin. Below are some of the most common ones.

  • Respiratory issues: Bulldogs are brachiocephalic dog breeds since they have short noses. This can cause them to have issues with breathing. YOur dog may need surgery to correct some of these defects. 
  • Infection of facial folds: Bulldogs have many wrinkles. These folds can easily grow bacteria and yeast causing your dog to develop infections.  You may have to clean these folds every day and in severe cases, your dog may need to see your vet for antibiotics to help keep this area clean and dry. 
  • Cherry eye: Cherry eye is a protrusion of the 3rd eyelid gland. This may require your dog to have surgery to fix these issues. Your vet can easily tack this gland back into place.  

All of these issues will need constant care and monitoring to help keep your Bulldog healthy and happy. If you notice anything wrong with your Bulldog's breathing, they should see a vet right away. Some breathing issues can be life-threatening.

Pet Insurance for Bulldogs

If you are looking for pet health insurance for your Bulldog, you should make sure that genetic conditions are covered. Bulldogs are prone to respiratory issues since they are a brachiocephalic dog breed. There are procedures that your Bulldog may need to help them breathe much better.  . You will also want one with short waiting times as many of these procedures need to be done right away.

You could also consider enrolling in Pet Assure, a veterinary discount plan that is a low-cost pet insurance alternative. This plan has no exclusions due to age, breed, or hereditary conditions. Even pre-existing conditions are covered! Get a quote today. It's perfect for Bulldogs! 

Medically reviewed by Sara Ochoa, DVM

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