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Border terrier

Border Terriers are small breed dogs with a rough hair coat. These dogs were first bred to hunt foxes. Since then these dogs have became inside family pets. This breed is great with kids and love to be very active. They do need a lot of attention or they can be destructive. A border terrier would make a great addition to any family and even a single person living in an apartment. 

Common Health Issues In Border Terriers

Most Border Terriers are very healthy. Some of the few genetic and health conditions that could be seen in Border Terriers are:

  • Patella Luxation: Many small breed dogs have luxating patellas. This occurs when their knee caps pop in and out of place. It can cause your dog to need surgery to help keep their knee caps in place and prevent arthritis.
  • Obesity: Many small breed dogs are prone to becoming overweight. Border Terriers are small breed dogs that tends to become obese very quickly. It is best to make sure that you maintain your dog on a proper diet to help prevent many of the issues that come with being overweight such as joint and heart issues. 
  • Ear Infections: Border Terriers are known for having ear infections. Their ears will trap moisture causing your dog to easily develop an infection. This can require frequent vet visits and treatment to help keep their ears free of infection.

All of these issues will need constant care and monitoring to help keep your Border Terriers healthy and happy. If you notice anything wrong with your Border Terriers, they should see a vet right away. Some issues can be life-threatening.

Pet Health Insurance for your Border Terriers

If you are looking for pet health insurance for your Border Terriers, you should ensure that many health issues commonly seen in Border Terriers are covered. You will also want to find insurance with short waiting times on treatment and surgery. If you prolong these procedures, your dog could have permeant health issues.

Certain health conditions are often considered genetic or are pre-existing conditions and may not be covered for your Border Terriers. 

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 Medically Reviewed by Sara Ochoa, DVM 

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