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Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are a very affectionate cat breed. They are very laid back and more dog-like as they will usually follow their family around the house. They have long hair that is often seen in red, seal, chocolate, and dilutes versions of blue, lilac, and cream. Their long hair needs frequent brushing and attention to prevent them from developing mats. Some people will even have their Ragdoll cat groomed very frequently to help keep them from developing mats. 

Common Health Issues Seen in Ragdoll Cats

Pure breed cats can be more prone to health conditions than mixed breed cats. The most common health issues seen in Ragdolls are:

Pet Insurance for Ragdolls

If you are looking for pet health insurance for your Ragdoll, you should make sure that genetic conditions are covered. Ragdolls can develop heart issues or be born with this as they are genetically predisposed to heart conditions. It is best to have your cat examined every 6 to 12 months by your vet to ensure that your cat does not have any new heart condition that needs treatment. The earlier you detect a heart issue in your Ragdoll, the better the outcome as there are medications that your cat can take every day to help prevent their heart disease from worsening. You will also want one with short waiting times as many of these procedures need to be done right away.

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Medically Reviewed by Sara Ochoa, DVM

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