March 1, 2010 "Ask Seth"

I think my dog is bored with his food. He tries to eat the cat's food. Will this hurt him?



I think my dog is bored with the food that we feed him. Is this possible? I find that Rufus always try to eat the cat’s food. Will this hurt him?


Boredom with food is a human trait and is not usually expressed by dogs. Typically, dogs are creatures of habit and are happy with the same food all the time. Rufus will generally eat enough to meet his energy and nutritional needs. Since dogs have relatively short digestive systems, abrupt dietary changes will cause digestive disturbances. Constantly changing the feed offered will create a finicky eater. Rufus tries to get into the cat food because cat food is usually higher in protein and is mighty tasty. Cats have different nutritional requirements than dogs and require additional Taurine (amino acid) added to their diets. An occasional visit to the cat’s bowl will not pose a threat to Rufus, but there should be an effort to eliminate this from happening frequently. If vomiting or loose stools occur, contact your veterinarian.

Seth Mayersohn, CVT


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