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Keeping Your Cat Safe at Halloween

Dressing up in spooky costumes may be great fun for us, but our cats may not be enjoying this frightful season.

May 24, 2018 4 min read
Keeping Your Cat Safe at Halloween

Halloween can be great fun for humans, and our canine friends might even enjoy chasing around an extra goblin or two! But, no matter how much we may enjoy dressing up our children or ourselves, our cats though tolerant in some instances and despite our enthusiasm to have them join in the festivities, may not be having as much fun. In fact, in most cases, our feline companions might like to skip this holiday altogether. The unfamiliar and sometimes frightening faces and costumes, scary unfamiliar sounds and gadgetry may not only be upsetting for your pet cat, but can even be deadly. We've got some information to help you keep your cat calm, safe and happy during this spooky holiday.

Black Cats and Halloween

Black cats are particularly at risk around Halloween. Unfortunately there are sadistic people who think it clever or cool to harm, torture or even kill cats, particularly "black" cats. There is no point in hyping this problem and it doesn't happen often; however, it's good to remind people this type of cruel treatment does exist, so they will be better prepared to keep their cats safe. Why do these sadistic people harm cats at Halloween? It may have to do with mythological association between cats and witches, but real witches (Wiccans) would not harm cats and many are cat owners themselves. So what can you do to keep your cat safe from these cruel people? Keep your pet, black cat or not, safely indoors on the days leading up to Halloween and especially Halloween night. A cat out on the street at this time is not only at risk of being abducted, but also at risk of being scared and panicked by children wearing strange costumes, who may shout at your cat without meaning it real harm.

Candy and Cats

Halloween candy is designed to rot the teeth of humans not the teeth of your cat. But there are other dangers associated with feeding your cat Halloween treats. Please remember that chocolate can be poisonous for cats and dogs, so make sure you keep this out of reach of your cat. Other candy treats can be harmful in other ways because of their packaging. For instance, lollipops have hard plastic sticks that may be sharp or could get caught in your cat's throat if they try to chew or swallow it. Cellophane and foil wrappers are also potential hazards that your cat may ingest accidentally when trying to gulp down that sweet Halloween treat that was tucked inside. If you are worried that your feline friend may feel left out of the festivities, you can keep a supply of healthy and safe cat treats on hand to share with him.

Jack O' Lantern Safety

Everyone loves those spooky-faced pumpkins carved at Halloween and lit with candles to help set the mood for Halloween. Your cat may find the flicker from the light inside fascinating. Remember not to leave your cat unattended in a room or area where there are pumpkins lit using candles. A curious cat could knock the pumpkin over and not only harm itself by getting burned, but the tipped candle could start a fire.

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Halloween Costumes Not a Good Idea For Cats

Dressing up your cat, or kitten, in a Halloween costume may amuse you but it is unlikely that the animal will enjoy it. In fact, it may frighten them or cause them to injure themselves when they become frantic. If you absolutely must dress your cat in a costume please make sure that it does not restrict your cat's movement in any way, does not hamper its vision or constrict its breathing. There should be no small accessories that your pet could possibly chew off, swallow and choke on.

Scary Strangers May Spook Your Cat

You may want to keep your cat in a room away from your front door when children come trick or treating. The excessive number of strangers, especially in scary costumes could frighten your cat into bolting outside, which could be very dangerous for an indoor cat unfamiliar with taking care of itself outdoors. especially a cat who has limited defense capabilities because it's been de clawed. The coming and going of people and the unusual atmosphere of the evening can over excite pets and may also cause them stomach-related stress.

Your cat may appreciate being in a quiet room during the Halloween festivities.

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