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Dog Breeds: Taking a Look at the Protector Breeds

Many dog breeds will be loyal to their masters, but some breeds were developed to be natural protectors.

May 24, 2018 3 min read
Dog Breeds: Taking a Look at the Protector Breeds

For many years, faithful dogs have acted as the protectors of families and homes. While many dog breeds will be loyal to their masters, certain breeds have been developed to have a natural inclination towards being guardians and protectors. These protector breeds, such as the Doberman, the Rottweiler, the German Shepherd, and the American Bulldog, are different from watchdogs because they are bred and trained to be more aggressive and have an innate sense of territory. Not only will these dogs alert you to any intruders, but they will also attack anything that threatens the home or the family.


The Doberman is a strong, elegant dog that is intelligent and extremely trainable. While experts are not sure what breeds and bloodlines were used to create the Doberman, it shares many of the same qualities of other protector dogs. Dobermans have a calm temperament and are very loyal to their owners. However, if their masters are threatened, Dobermans are relentless in stopping attackers. Many dog experts recommend that you obtain a Doberman from a trustworthy breeder that has records of the bloodline. If not, some Dobermans can be nervous and overly aggressive when they become afraid, which would make them a bit unreliable for a family with children, especially younger children, who may unintentionally cause the dog to react unfavorably.


The Rottweiler, one of the better known dog breeds, is a large, powerful dog that originated in Germany. These dogs have ancient roots, although most dog experts are not exactly sure of the breed’s origins. Rottweilers are intelligent, trainable dogs that are actually child-friendly despite popular misconceptions. Although Rottweilers are naturally aggressive, due to their previous history as herd dogs, reputable and reliable breeders have worked to minimize or temper the dog’s more hostile tendencies. These dogs are courageous, loyal, and obedient. However, without professional socialization, these dogs can be tough for new dog owners to handle.

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German Shepherds are intelligent, lithe, brawny dogs that have a well established history of being protectors. Considered one of the smartest breeds, German Shepherds are renowned for their obedience and quick learning, making them a valuable breed. While Shepherds are praised for their loyalty, improperly socialized dogs can become overly protective of the family and the home. They are also known for a number of biting incidents. It is important to have an honest breeder that can provide you with a suitably bred German Shepherd.


The American Bulldog is a medium sized dog bred for muscular strength and endurance. While there is a great deal of variety among this breed, they are known for their bravery, valor, and even temperament. American Bulldogs have served as protectors for many years and have proven to be one of the more dependable breeds for protection. American Bulldogs are naturally curious and have the ability to make independent decisions; however, despite this independent nature are very obedient dogs. These dogs also require adequate socialization in order to temper their naturally rowdy and aggressive behavior. They require an owner who is ready for a great deal of responsibility, but he will be rewarded immeasurably in the end.


While there are many benefits to owning a dog breed that can act as a protector, these dogs require a large amount of socialization and training. The same qualities that make them excellent can also prove dangerous and destructive due to improper breeding and poor socialization. Owning a protector breed is not the right choice for everyone, and does require extra work if choosing one. However, if you have the time and temperament to command obedience, respect, and loyalty from these stately animals, these protector breeds will serve you and your family very well with great loyalty, protection and love in return.

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