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Best New Tech Pet Products For 2023

Pet communication tools are among the hottest new pet products. New pet technology for 2023 also includes advancements in GPS dog collars, automatic pet feeders, and games for dogs and cats.

January 18, 2023 5 min read
Best New Tech Pet Products For 2023

By utilizing the latest technology, many pet products are now providing pet lovers with better ways to keep their pets safe and comfortable—along with new ways for our pets to communicate with us. Below we discuss the four hottest categories in pet product technology today, including FluentPet, GPS dog tracking collars, automatic pet feeders, and video games for pets. 

 We’ll start with one of 2023’s most popular new pet products: pet tech that allows your dog to send you a text when they want to go outside.

Pet Communication Innovation Leader: FluentPet

How would you like to get a text from your dog when she is ready for dinner, or she wants to go outside, or she thinks it is time to play? With FluentPet's new talking button app system, that's now possible.

The FluentPet Connection system is an update to a system popularized by Instagram sensation Bunny, a dog that has 8.2 million followers on Instagram and 9 million followers across all social media platforms. Also available for cats, FluentPet Connect consists of six interlocking hexagonal blocks, each of which has two buttons. Pets place their paws on the buttons to play messages in their human's recorded voice.

FluentPet plays words that many dogs already know, like "ball," "food," and "outside." What makes FluentPet different is that you don’t have to ask what your pet wants - your dog or cat can speak for himself! The recorded sound plays from a base station with a speaker attached.

FluentPet blocks are coded to make them easy for humans to lay out. Pets learn which buttons to push (we assumed) through their spatial memory.

GPS Dog Tracking Collars

Choosing the right GPS tracking and training collar can keep your dog—and maybe even your cat—from going AWOL. In 2023, pet owners will have more options than ever before for remotely monitoring their pets.

GPS pet trackers have been available for several years. Most models use a combination of GPS and a cellular connection to keep pets instantly locatable on your phone or laptop. (You can get a GPS dog collar that does not come with cell service, which is billed monthly, but it only has a range of about 3,000 feet. Bluetooth connections have a range of just 300 feet). GPS dog collars have an advantage over implanted pet microchips in that it is not necessary to wait for someone to find your pet and read the chip to find your lost pet.

What's new for 2023?

  • GPS dog collars that keep up with more than just activity and location. Temperature trackers can give you advanced warning of overheating for all of your pets.
  • Activity trackers for dogs that have heart problems delivering a human-grade EKG, such as the dog tracker from Invoxia.
  • Geofencing capabilities. The current generation of trackers can't stop your cat or dog from digging under or hopping over the fence, but they can let you know when your pet has left your property.
  • A better selection of GPS trackers for cats, including the relatively inexpensive Tile and Apple trackers, as well as the more expensive PetPace Collar, which also collects your pet's vital signs.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities from GPS collars and trackers to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise every day.

Why aren't there more tracking collars for cats? Size is one issue. And so is the tendency of cats to find enclosed spaces that their tracking signal can't penetrate.

Automatic Pet Feeder Innovations for 2023

What do you need from an automatic pet feeder in 2023?

You want to be sure your automatic pet feeder can hold enough food for all of your pet's meals while you are away. A standard automatic pet feeder that holds enough food for five meals is fine if you just need to make sure your pet is fed in the middle of the day. If you are going to be gone for several days, you may need a larger model.

Your automatic pet feeder should also deliver accurate weights of food. You don't want your pet overfed or for food to accumulate in the bowl. You also do not want your pet to go hungry.

And you want a pet feeder that won't get clogged. Some new feeders like the Vremi Automatic Pet Sensor have infrared sensors that activate an anti-clogging mechanism as needed.

Other important features of feeders coming on the market in 2023 include:

  • The Vremi pet feeder also has the ability to play a 10-second recorded message from you to relieve separation anxiety.
  • You can reprogram the WOPET 6 Liter Pet Feeder remotely by smartphone. It can deliver up to 15 meals a day, slowing down fast eaters. It can even deliver a voice message from you to your pet even when he or she is not eating.
  • The Faroro 7L looks great as part of your kitchen decor. It can be programmed to fill multiple bowls. Unfortunately, it cannot train your pets to respect each other's bowls!

Video Games for Cats & Dogs

Catch-me-if-you-can video games for cats abound on YouTube. But 2023 brings us a new category of video games for dogs. Joipaw has introduced a drool-proof tablet with a whack-a-mole game dogs can play with their noses. It is specially designed for senior dogs to help prevent the onset of dementia.

The Joipaw game comes with an adjustable stand for dogs of different sizes and an automatic treat dispenser to reward the dog when he touches the target. The Joipaw device can be synced with wearable devices to keep track of changes in your dog's behavior, and even to allow your dog to compete with other dogs.

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