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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Pet Grooming

In the second of our two-part series, we offer helpful advice on whether mobile pet grooming is the best choice for you and your pets.

March 10, 2023 4 min read
Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Pet Grooming

As you may have discovered in the first part of our two-part series, a mobile pet grooming service can offer a convenient alternative to those difficult home grooming sessions or time-consuming visits to a professional grooming facility. Let's continue our examination of the subject by answering some commonly asked questions about mobile grooming for your cat or dog.

How Can My Pet Benefit From Professional Grooming Services?

You might assume that there's no need to schedule professional grooming for a dog that looks and smells clean, or for a cat that regularly cleans itself. However, professional dog and cat grooming services offer much more than a clean animal. For instance, experienced groomers know how to identify underlying skin problems that may need veterinary evaluation and treatment. They can also remove matted clumps of hair without hurting your pet, give your pet a beautiful new haircut, and trim your pet's toenails without accidentally injuring the cuticles.

When and Why Should I Choose a Mobile Groomer?

Mobile pet grooming obviously makes sense when you can't spare the time to make trips to an in-house grooming facility, you physically can't groom your pet yourself, or you fear you might hurt your pet due to your inexperience. However, your pet’s personality may also factor into the decision. If your pet tends to get anxious or aggressive when traveling or hates being placed in a pet carrier or car, a mobile pet grooming service can spare you all a lot of stress. On the other hand, if your pet has already established an affectionate bond with your current in-house groomer, visits to the salon might actually be the better choice, despite the extra commute.

How Often Should I Schedule Grooming Services?

Although you don't want to dry out your pet's skin by bathing him too frequently, regular grooming can help maintain an elegant hairdo, prevent nails from growing overly long and sharp, and help keep your home free of excess shedded hair. Small breeds can typically go eight to twelve weeks between grooming sessions, while large breeds may need grooming at four-to-six-week intervals. If your pet's nails grow unusually fast, you may need to adjust the grooming schedule accordingly.

How Much Does a Mobile Pet Grooming Service Cost?

The cost of mobile grooming can vary widely based on the services and package deals offered by different mobile groomers, whether you need dog grooming or cat grooming, and the time and effort it will take to groom your pet. On average, however, you can expect to pay between $50 and $110 for a typical mobile pet grooming session. This range is slightly higher than what you'd pay at a grooming salon, but you may feel that the extra convenience more than justifies the difference - especially when you factor in travel time.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Mobile Grooming Services?

Unfortunately, most pet insurance policies and discount plans don't provide coverage for mobile grooming services or other kinds of pet grooming. Even though it’s definitely an important form of preventative wellness care, it doesn’t qualify as a medical evaluation or procedure. However, some pet wellness plans, such as Mint Wellness, may include pet grooming as part of their covered services. 

Whether you decide to invest in a pet wellness plan or not, keeping your pet properly groomed is still essential to their health. Pet grooming not only helps prevent certain health problems, it can also reveal them in their early stages - which could save you money on expensive veterinary treatments down the road. 

What Services Can I Expect a Mobile Groomer to Provide?

A comprehensive mobile pet grooming service for dogs and cats can pack a full range of grooming tools and techniques into a single van or truck. This "one-stop shop" approach allows them to offer pet baths, mat removal, haircuts, blow-drying, nail trimming, and even pet-friendly scents. Many mobile grooming vehicles carry their own self-contained electrical power and water supply, but some may ask for hook-ups to your utilities. (We recommend asking about this in advance.) Some mobile pet groomers also offer anal gland expression. This procedure helps to keep your pet's anal glands from developing uncomfortable blockages and infections.

How Should I Prepare My Pet for Mobile Grooming?

Many pets will naturally have an easier time adjusting to a mobile groomer than they would to a busy grooming salon or vet's office. Even so, you can take steps to help your pet feel more comfortable during a mobile grooming session. For instance, you can "practice" by placing your pet on a table, running your hands along its legs and body, and making snipping noises with scissors so the sound won't surprise your pet on the appointed day. Be sure to check with your mobile groomer about any additional preparations they may require before their visit. For instance, some mobile grooming providers will insist on proof of a rabies vaccination.

The Bottom Line: Provide the Grooming Care Your Pet Needs

Now that you have a clearer idea of how mobile pet grooming works and what to expect from a mobile grooming service, you can make a well-informed decision on which option is best for your pet. But whether you ultimately decide to contact a mobile groomer in your area, rely on a grooming salon, or groom your pet yourself, make sure your special friend receives this all-important form of preventative pet wellness care.

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