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Pet Holiday Gift Guide for Cats and Dogs

Treat the pet in your life with a gift that'll match their lifestyle and your budget

December 13, 2020 4 min read
Pet Holiday Gift Guide for Cats and Dogs

The holidays are around the corner and if you’re still in need of a gift for your fur-baby or the pet parent in your life, look no further. From techie gifts, to fashion-forwards sets and wellness essentials, we’ve got something for everyone! As you gear up for the holidays, reflect on all the joy and comfort your pets have given you or a loved one this year. From being with us on our best days and our worst days, and everyday putting smiles on our faces- our pets deserve to be spoiled for all the good they've done! Ranging from as low as $10 to as high as $200, we’ve carefully curated a gift list that any cat or dog is worthy of.

For Wellness

ThunderShirt is an essential item for dogs or cats with anxiety. Equipped with adjustable straps to form fit your pet’s body, ThunderShirt creates comfortable, therapeutic, pressure to naturally soothe your pet’s nerves. Ranging in sizes from xxs to xxl, there’s no pet too big or too small to calm with ThunderShirt.

Catit Flower Water Fountain is the most precious way to pump up your kitty’s water intake. Due to natural instincts, cats tend to drink water that’s in motion (like running tap) and not still water (like from a bowl). This is because in the wild, moving water usually means it's clean and safe for consumption. Designed to feed off of these instincts, the Catit Flower fountain is equipped with three water flow settings and a filtration system to ensure your cat’s water is always clean.


For Adventures

Jinx’s limited-edition Weekender Wag Bag is the perfect bundle for your on-the-go duo. Packed into a large, reusable tote, this bundle includes 4lbs of kibble (with three flavors to choose from), plant-based treats (pumpkin & apple flavored), a portable water bowl and a pooch-approved tennis ball for any impromptu game of fetch.

Whistle GO Explore is the FitBit of the pet world. If you’re an owner that regularly exercises with their pets or regularly monitors their pets’ weight for health reasons, this gift is for you. Paired with a monthly subscription to the Whistle 360 app, this device tracks data on the health, location and fitness of your dog or cat! That’s right- even cat owners have used this tracker to keep tabs on their tabby! This way, outdoor cat owners can rest easy knowing their cat is just visiting with the neighbor.

For Busy Bodies

Outward Hound Puzzle Toys offer a large selection of enrichment toys meant to keep your pup busy and not bored. Designed to challenge your dog’s mind, these puzzle toys will put patience and intelligence to the test while simultaneously reducing anxiety in dogs with pent up energy.


One Fast Cat wheel could be the purrfect outlet for the cat in your life! Based on reviews, cats will either take to this product right away or they’ll need time to warm up to it. Either way, the consensus is that with some patience and perhaps some treats to start, both cat and owner will love this exercise wheel! However, this item is on the pricy side of the spectrum, so best to consider your cats breed, behavior and energy level before purchasing. Studies suggest that breeds like Savannahs, Egyptian Maus, Russian Blues, Abyssinians, Siamese, and Maine Coons, are most likely to take to a running wheel.


For Fashionistas

FouFou Dog All-Weather Dog Pants puts an end to the age-old debate on whether dogs should wear pants on just their hind legs or on all four. Essential for dogs that live in snowy or wet climates, these pants will keep their legs and underbelly’s clean, giving mom or dad a break from excessive grooming.

Matching outfits with your pet is undoubtedly the coolest way to strut into the new year. From matching flannels to long johns, and even ugly sweaters, Etsy is your one stop shop for it all. With countless creators to choose from, you’re bound to find something to suite your personal style! Better yet, you can feel good knowing you supported a small business this holiday season.


For Techies

Furbo cameras are great gifts for pet parents who worry about separation anxiety or just want to keep an eye on their furry-friends. Check-in with live video feed, speak to your pet with two-way audio and toss your pet treats from miles away! As an added layer of security, Furbo also warns owners of potential harm with bark-alerts and “get home,” emergency alerts. Get connected and say safe with Furbo!


Interactive cat lasers are sure to keep your kitty entertained when you’re busy, out of the house or when your arm just gets tired! This cordless laser toy runs for 15 minutes at a time and creates randomized 360º circle patterns on the floors and walls to keep your kitty on its paws while channeling their inner hunter instinct.

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