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Best Types of Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys are designed to engage, stimulate, and provide cats with endless hours of fun.

May 19, 2023 4 min read
Best Types of Interactive Cat Toys

Cats are natural hunters, which means they need mental and physical stimulation to maintain their well-being. Interactive toys are a fun and healthy way to release your cat’s pent-up energy, provide adequate exercise, and reinforce good habits. Similar to dogs, cats have unique preferences and personalities, meaning they may love certain toys but dislike others. There may be some trial and error when finding an interactive cat toy that your pet enjoys playing with, especially older cats who are settled in their ways.

Some of the best types of interactive toys for cats include:

1. Cat Puzzle Toys

Interactive cat puzzle toys are the perfect way to keep your cat entertained. Just like human puzzles, cat puzzle toys range from easy to difficult. For example, an easy puzzle toy may require a cat to retrieve a treat at the bottom of a cup using its paws. A more difficult puzzle toy includes a holding tank with treats that drop down into openings as the cat reaches into angled tubes. When comparing cat puzzle toys, review the difficulty level and choose a puzzle accordingly. Challenge your cat by starting with a few “easy” puzzles before moving to “moderate” and then “difficult.”

2. Cat Treat Toys

Many cats love interactive treat toys as they serve multiple purposes. These toys are not only mentally and physically interactive but also deliver your cat a tasty treat. Treat toys can be filled with a variety of food items, such as small cat treats, pieces of cooked chicken, or even catnip. Many treat toys are electronic to keep cats engaged. For example, a cat treat ball can be loaded with treats that it will dispense as your cat bats, swats, and pounces at the ball. Other types of treat toys may require a cat to open a hidden compartment to reveal a treat inside.

3. Cat Game Toys

Cat game toys are an excellent option for felines that have a high prey drive. A popular game for cats involves a circular track in which a ball goes round and round. Many cats enjoy swatting at the ball and watching it roll, as well as catching it with their paws as it makes its way back around the circle. When choosing game toys, avoid electronic games that make too many sounds. Many cats will run away from loud noises, as well as toys that have flashing lights or other deterrents.

4. Cat Tunnel Toys

Cat tunnels are a must for every cat owner, especially young cats with lots of energy. Tunnels provide cats with a safe and fun area to play in for hours. They often use tunnels for playing, hiding, and even napping. Tunnels can also stimulate your cat’s instincts for stalking and hunting, making them a great addition to hide-and-seek play. When choosing a tunnel toy, select a product that is fairly rigid and provides adequate structure and stability. Some tunnel toys are even covered in sisal for scratching. While tunnel toys may look like they take up a lot of space, most can be folded for compact storage when not in use.

5. Cat Hideout Toys

Hideout toys are similar to tunnels as they provide cats with a fun place to play, hide, and nap. However, cat hideout toys are unique in that they can be found in many different sizes and shapes. Many hideout toys are shaped like traditional tents with walls and a roof. Others may feature multiple rooms where your cat can explore and relax. A cat hideout can be made from a variety of materials, such as soft suede or lightweight polyester. Like tunnel toys, many cat hideouts are collapsible, allowing you to set them up in minutes and even bring them along when you travel with your pet.

6. Cat Teaser Toys - Spring Toys, Feather Wands, & Mouse Toys

As the name suggests, cat teaser toys feature an element that essentially “teases” your pet. Teaser toys are often recommended for mental stimulation and can be used by a cat independently or with an owner participating in the fun. Some of the most common types of cat teaser toys include spring toys, cat feather wands, and mouse toys. For example, a simple teaser toy could be a feather at the end of a string that encourages your cat to jump and swat at the toy. Another example of a teaser toy is an electronic mouse that moves across the floor as the cat gives chase.

The Importance of Interactive Play for Cats

Much like children, cats require daily exercise and play to stay active and healthy. Try to set aside time each time to encourage your cat to engage in playtime and watch as your pet learns new skills. Many owners find that when their cats are more mentally and physically stimulated, they are less anxious and less likely to engage in destructive behavior such as scratching the furniture or clawing carpets. 

Choosing interactive toys for your cat can be tricky; however, it’s important to try a variety of toy types to see what your cat likes best. Consider getting involved in your cat’s play sessions, even if that means pointing a laser around the room as your cat tries to “catch” the light. Ideally, you want to make time for two play sessions each day of approximately 10 to 20 minutes in length.

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