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Best Dog Toys for Your Pet’s Dental Health

Safe and appropriate dog toys can help remove stubborn plaque and tartar from teeth and promote a healthy smile for your pup.

March 21, 2024 4 min read
Best Dog Toys for Your Pet’s Dental Health

Dog toys offer more than just a fun time for your pet. Certain products can also improve your pet’s dental health. Normal chewing actions can help gently remove plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth and along the gumline. In addition, some dog toys contain raised nubs that help massage the gums to boost circulation and alleviate soreness in teething puppies.

Let’s look at the importance of dental health for pets and some of the best dog dental toys for healthy canine teeth and gums.

Importance of Dental Health for Pets

The typical adult dog has a total of 42 permanent adult teeth. If your pup’s teeth are not being cared for properly, he can develop periodontal disease, resulting in eroded gums, chronic pain, missing teeth, and even bone loss.

While it is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth, this isn’t always easy. An easy solution to keep your pet’s teeth clean and strong is to provide safe and effective dog toys and chews.

5 Dog Toys for Better Dental Health

Dog toys can be fun and interactive, and benefit your pet’s teeth and gums. Here’s a look at some types of dog toys for better dental health:

1. Natural Latex Rubber Dog Toys

Choose a dog toy made of 100% natural latex rubber, which is non-toxic for dogs. Even better, choose one that squeaks! Natural latex rubber dog toys can provide your pup with endless hours of chewing fun, while gently rubbing away plaque on the teeth. The soft latex won’t hurt your pup’s teeth and is easy to clean.

2. Dog Toothbrush Sticks

Dog toothbrush sticks are dog toys that double as toothbrushes. They are usually in the shape of a stick, bone, cactus, or similar design and contain soft bristles that help effectively clean your pup’s teeth as he chews. Choose a toy made of natural materials that is not too hard to avoid damaging the teeth. A firm rubber is a great choice.

3. Knot Tug Rope Dog Toys

Does your dog enjoy tug-o-war? If so, consider a knot tug rope toy. Rope toys promote interactive play and can help improve dental health by gently removing food and debris from the teeth. You’ll also find wax-coated nylon rope toys on the market that feature mint-scented cotton strands that work to safely floss your pet’s teeth.

4. Fillable Dog Toys

Fillable dog toys are exactly how they sound. They feature a hollow center that can be filled with edible pastes, such as peanut butter or dog-safe toothpaste, which slowly oozes out small holes and into your pet’s mouth. Small nubs on the toy stimulate healthy chewing habits and gently scrub away plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums.

5. Infused Rubber Dog Toys

Tough rubber dog toys are sturdy enough for aggressive chewers and highly effective for achieving better dental health. You can find dog dental toys that contain tire-like treads that help remove debris from the teeth with every chew. Some of these dog toys are also infused with baking soda to clean teeth and freshen breath.

Dog Toys that Can Harm Dental Health

While most dog toys have been rigorously tested and are considered safe for pets, there are some on the market that can actually damage your pet’s teeth and gums. Some of these include:

  • Bones: It’s a common misconception that bones are a natural chew for dogs. While many pups enjoy them, chewing on such a hard material could fracture a tooth.
  • Tennis Balls: Many dogs love tennis balls but they can pose a serious dental hazard if the fuzzy outer coating rubs against the teeth, wearing away the enamel.
  • Antlers: It’s not uncommon to see deer antlers in pet toy stores, but similar to a bone, these hard dog chews can lead to tooth fractures.
  • Sticks: A stick from your yard can double as a dog toy but it’s important to use caution. Sticks can have sharp edges that can damage the teeth, gums, and mouth.
  • Nylon Toys: Nylon dog toys are often touted as safe for pets. However, they are made from hard materials that can harm your dog’s teeth. Avoid overly hard nylon toys.

Common FAQs About Dog Dental Toys

1. What materials are best for dog dental toys?

When comparing dog toys for dental health, look for natural, durable materials like rubber. It’s important that the material is non-toxic and contains nubs or ridges to help clean teeth.

2. How often should I give my dog a dental toy?

The frequency with which you give your dog dental toys will depend on various factors, such as your pet’s age, chewing habits, and overall dental habits. Most dogs can benefit from daily chewing.

3. Can dog dental toys replace brushing?

No, these toys should not replace your pup’s oral health care. Always remember to brush your pet’s teeth at home using a vet-approved toothpaste. Regular professional cleanings are also recommended.

Choosing Dental Toys for Your Dog

Maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene is an essential component of your pet’s overall health. Dental dog toys can play a significant role in keeping your pup’s teeth and gums strong and free of decay.

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