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2023 Dog and Cat Holiday Gift Guide

Give your dog or cat a holiday gift they'll love with these great options from our Holiday Gift Guide.

November 22, 2023 4 min read
2023 Dog and Cat Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season involves different traditions for different households, including the tale of that famous fat gentleman who likes to invade chimneys every Christmas Eve. But instead of Santa Claus, this year it's "Santa Paws" who’s coming to town for dog and cat owners. If you want to give your canine or feline family member a truly memorable holiday season, look no further than the following categories in our 2023 dog and cat holiday gift guide.

For Pet Wellness

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Blanket can soothe anxiety-prone dogs, not just during the hectic holidays but all year round. This premium-quality sherpa blanket simulates the feel and warmth of a mother dog's fur for a calming, relaxing effect. At the same time, the blanket protects your upholstery against shedded hair, cleans with ease, and comes in multiple color choices to match your home decor.

RYCERCAT Toothbrush makes keeping your cat's teeth clean easier than ever -- or easy for the first time ever if you've always struggled with this critical aspect of wellness. The dual-sided brush is designed to fit a cat's mouth perfectly. At each end of the elongated handle, you'll find a micro-head loaded with extra-soft bristles. Carbon infusion helps the bristles do an even better job of fighting oral bacteria. The manufacturer, Ryer, also sells cat toothpastes and other feline-friendly dental accessories.

For Pet Travel

Lifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag lets your canine companion stay as comfortable as you are on those hiking and camping trips. This dog-sized sleeping bag comes with a soft fleece liner and waterproof polyester exterior. It also rolls up easily into its own travel case. When your dog isn't out adventuring with you, the sleeping bag can double as an inviting mat for indoor naps.

PetAmi Small Dogs and Cat Backpack Carrier - If your little friend doesn't take up much space and you need a more convenient way of carrying it around, this airline-approved backpack carrier (which fits under the majority of plane seats) has got you covered. Mesh windows and pockets give you ample access to your pet and its accessories without allowing your cat or dog to make a run for it.

For Mental or Physical Exercise

DR CATCH Dog Food Puzzle Feeder Toys turn mealtimes into learning times for inquisitive dogs. The wheel-shaped plastic toy contains sliders, behind which you can hide small portions of kibble. The need to open the sliders to get to the food develops your dog's independent thinking and cognitive powers (while also preventing it from gobbling up its dinner too quickly).

PetSafe FroliCat CHEESE Teaser Cat Toy allows your cat to indulge its natural hunting instincts while boosting its activity levels and promoting mental focus. This block of "cheese" contains a pair of tiny toy mice that pop out of holes at random. The battery-powered device normally runs in 15-minute play sessions, but you can also select a "play while you're away" setting that runs for 15 minutes every couple of hours.

For the Sheer Style of It

Dog Threads' Mistletoe Sweaters can help you (and your dog) keep the tradition of holiday-themed clothing alive this year. This festive Christmas sweater comes in both canine and human sizes so you and your pooch can wear matching outfits for those holiday photos and videos. Multiple canine sizes are assigned according to common weight ranges, ensuring that your present will fit perfectly and look great on your dog.

Frisco 47.5-In Modern Cat Tree & Condo makes a purr-fectly elegant gift for the elegant, sophisticated feline looking to move up (and occasionally down) in the world. This platform includes two scratching mats, five scratching posts, and multiple levels for your cat to lounge on. It even offers a "penthouse" perch and enclosed "condo" for the ultimate in stylish living.

For the High-Tech Pet Household

K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Dog Bed brings a whole new dimension of comfort to your dog's sleepy moments -- especially if your dog suffers from arthritis or some other condition aggravated by cold weather. This low-wattage, energy-efficient, electrically-warmed pet bed operates only when Fido gets into it. Multiple sizes can fit a variety of breeds.

Litter-Robot 4 takes the mess out of cleaning up after your cat. This high-tech electronic litter box comes with built-in odor control and app-based usage monitoring. It even works for multi-cat households and has self-cleaning capabilities that rid you of the need to scoop. if the black or white models don't suit your taste, it’s also available in six other colors and patterns for an additional cost.

Don't Forget to Give the Gift of Pet Wellness

There's no greater gift you can give your pet than the gift of good health! While you're shopping for these and other wonderful dog or cat gifts, why not take the extra step of scheduling a preventative wellness exam for your furry friend as soon as the season permits. Your healthy, happy pet will get even greater enjoyment out of the other presents you hand out this year!

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