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11 Medical Supplies To Keep on Hand For Your Pet

An emergency pet medical supply kit with some basic items can help treat and stabilize an injured or ill pet.

September 29, 2020 5 min read
11 Medical Supplies To Keep on Hand For Your Pet

For many people, our pets are part of our family. And just like any family member, you want to make sure your pets are in good health and well taken care of. When illness or injury occurs, sometimes a trip to the veterinary office isn't possible. If you have pets, having a medical supply kit can help treat your pet, and possibly buy you some valuable time before you can get to the vet. Many of these medical supplies are regularly available household items that are easy to find. Below, we will outline the best medical supplies to keep on hand for your pet in the event of an injury or illness.

Emergency Pet Injury Supplies

Accidents happen, but when they happen to your pet it can be terrifying for both you and Fido. Luckily, many emergency medical supplies intended for humans can also be used for pets. If any pet injury occurs, it is best to practice basic pet first aid until you are able to see a veterinarian. To help protect and heal scrapes, cuts, punctures, and fractures we recommend the following supplies.

  • Gauze - Just like with people, gauze works wonderfully to stop bleeding. Gauze can be wrapped or applied to a cut, scrape, or puncture wound. This is fine to leave as is, functioning as a bandage, or can be covered with pet-safe tape.
  • Pet Antiseptic - Unfortunately, antiseptics used for humans can often be poisonous for pets. Be sure to purchase a pet specific antiseptic that can reduce the chance of infection. Sprayed topical treatments tend to work better than liquids or gels. If you do not have pet safe antiseptic on hand, simple hydrogen peroxide can work to eliminate bacteria and potentially dangerous infections.
  • Non-Stick Wrap - To help protect gauze bandages and potentially splint a fractured bone, non-stick wrap is a lifesaver for pets. This wrap has the ability to stick to itself, but will not adhere to sensitive fur, making it easy to use and change dressings.
  • Tweezers - A simple pair of tweezers can really come in handy when it comes to pet injuries. Tweezers can help pull out foreign matters, like splinters, or even remove ticks and insects that have become attached to your pet.

Supplies For Illness

Sadly, sometimes our pets become ill. This can be from the flu or a bug, or even the result of poisoning. Several foods and plants can be dangerous if ingested by pets and require immediate attention. Always be aware of the signs of potential illness or poisoning such as lethargy, uncoordinated movements, excessive drinking, and excessive panting. Pet first aid should be administered if you suspect illness. Be prepared to care for your pet with these simple items to keep in your pet medical supply kit.

  • Charcoal - If you suspect that your pet has been exposed to a toxin or a poison, charcoal tablets can help neutralize the toxin when medication is not available. These can be applied directly to a wound, in the event of a bite, or can be applied to other locations on the body that may have been exposed to a poisonous substance. Of course, always consult a veterinary expert first before administering to ensure you are using the appropriate dose.
  • Plastic Syringe - Often, medications for pets are administered via liquid substance which requires a plastic syringe. The syringe makes getting the right dosage of medicine easy and it can make administering the medicine a breeze. Many veterinary offices will provide you with plastic syringes with prescribed medications.
  • Portable Water Dish - If your pet has ingested a foreign substance flushing the system with plenty of water can help neutralize its impact. Having a portable water dish on hand is perfect for traveling or hiking. These collapsible water dishes barely take up any space, but can literally save a life in case of an emergency.

Basic Home Supplies For Pet Medical Supply

Luckily, some basic home supplies that many households already have can be added to your pet medical supply kit. These supplies will make treating your pet's injury or illness much easier for both you, and your pet, reducing the stress levels and increasing the chances of a full recovery.

  • Magnifying Glass - Sometimes injuries and ailments for your pet can be tiny and hard to see. When pulling out splinters and insects, having a magnifying glass can make finding the foreign body much easier. Many houses have a magnifying glass lying around, so toss it in your pet medical supply kit.
  • Scissors - When your pet is injured, time is of the essence. You don't want to fumble around trying to tear tape to dress a wound. Have a dedicated pair of scissors packed and ready to go in your pet medical supply kit to make dressing wounds fast and easy.
  • Digital Thermometer - Often, a pet's temperature will spike if an illness is present. Having a simple digital thermometer can help not only give you a baseline of your pet's temperature, but can help alert you to a potential disease or illness.
  • Disposable Gloves - Keep a pair of disposable gloves in your pet medical supply kit. In the event of an injury, having disposable gloves can help reduce the chance of infection, while still allowing you to treat and wrap your pet's injury.

Nobody wants to think about the possibility that their pet could become sick or injured, but it is best to be prepared in case of an emergency. Having a pet medical supply kit with the necessary items packed and ready to go can be a literal lifesaver for your pet. With some basic medical supplies, and a few household items, it is possible to have a portable and functional medical supply kit to keep your pets healthy and stable, before reaching a veterinary office for examination and treatment.

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