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Heavy Chewers Will Love These Dog Toy Subscriptions

If your dog is a heavy chewer, choose one of these dog toy subscription boxes.

April 15, 2024 4 min read
Heavy Chewers Will Love These Dog Toy Subscriptions

Is your dog a heavy chewer? Some canines are legendary for their ability to chew just about any object to a pulp, regardless of the size or power of their jaws. Breeds known as heavy chewers include Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers, Border Collies, and Chihuahuas.

Whatever your dog's breed, if it usually makes short work of every toy you buy, it's time to invest in a toy subscription box that offers the most durable options available. Give serious consideration to the following examples.


Bullymake tops a lot of lists for the most durable toy box subscriptions you'll find anywhere, drawing positive notices from Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and the Washington Post. Their products include rock-hard "chew-proof" nylon toys, durable rubber treat-containing toys, tough yet flexible "Tug n' Pull" toys, and rugged cotton rope toys for hours of high-intensity tug-of-war matches.

Bullymake's toy box subscriptions come with two or three tough toys per month alongside an equal number of treats -- or you can decline the treats and request five to six toys per month instead. You can customize your monthly toy boxes based on your pet’s online profile, where you can include such important details as any allergies your pooch might have to specific products or ingredients.


Puppies love to chew on anything and everything, especially when teething. You can indulge this urge with the monthly subscription boxes available from PupJoy. This company's boxes are fully customizable for your pet's age, size, and other factors, enabling you to adjust the subscription as needed throughout a puppy's path to adulthood. Choose from monthly, quarterly, six-month, or 12-month plan lengths.

Each monthly subscription box includes a different, pre-selected arrangement of toys, treats, accessories, and valuable tips for puppy owners. Some of the items (especially those in the four-month box) are designed with durability in mind as aids to teething and dental health. The parade of treats, chews, and toys continues all the way to your puppy's first birthday -- and they have options for adult dogs as well.

BarkBox Super Chewer

If your dog qualifies as a "super chewer," you may find the perfect dog toy box solution in the BarkBox Super Chewer. This monthly subscription includes two full-sized treat bags and two extra-durable chew toys. (As with Bullymake's boxes, you can customize your dog's profile to suit its dietary needs.) Each box conforms to the company's monthly theme, with past themes covering such diverse ground as Deep Space, Ski Lodge, and Fall Hike.

The Super Chewer toys should stand up well to the most aggressive chewers due to their construction from durable nylon and rubber. They also take some captivating forms, from a peanut-scented acorn treat dispenser and rubber-cored plushies to a nylon serpent swimming in a rubber sea. There's also a toy made to resemble the mouth of a shark, with bumpy surfaces designed to help clean your dog's teeth.

Chewy AutoShip

You've probably seen ads for Chewy, the pet supply outlet that carries everything from toys and treats to prescription medications for pups. Chewy lets customers create their own recurring orders through a feature called Chewy AutoShip. You simply create an account through the Chewy website to manage your shipments, and customize according to your preferred items and frequency of delivery. Whether you want orders to arrive weekly or you'd rather wait up to two months between orders, the choice is entirely yours.

Chewy's vast inventory of pet products includes many dog toys designed specifically for heavy chewers. Switch things up from order to order by requesting Nylabone textured rings or dog-shaped toys, chew toys shaped like wishbones or sticks, durable rubber balls, tug-of-war toys, and the classic KONG Wubba toy. You'll enjoy a substantial discount on your first order, with additional discounts off future orders, when you sign up for the AutoShip feature.

PupJoy Power Chewers Box

PupJoy makes a point of offering the ultimate in customization in their subscription boxes, allowing pet owners to select from pre-built box options or build their own boxes. But if you need the toughest option for your four-legged piranha, you want to go for their Power Chewers box. This pre-built box includes a mix of two treats, two bully sticks for a tough-yet-tasty experience, and one super-durable toy. You can also choose a Small, Medium, or Large box size to suit your canine's dimensions.

The Power Chewers toys are both extremely strong and extremely diverse. In any given box, your dog might receive such captivating items as a super-tough ball (including a "Waggle Ball" that makes noise as it rolls), a squeaky ring, a rigid nylon chew toy, or a rubber chew toy shaped like a soda can or hot dog. The constant variety will keep your pup engaged from one toy box purchase to the next.

Don't Forget to Protect Your Heavy Chewer's Teeth

A heavy chewer that suddenly loses interest in chewing may be suffering from a dental problem such as cavity, cracked tooth, or gum infection. If your dog develops a noticeable chewing problem, bring it to your veterinarian right away for an exam. Prompt attention to dental issues can help ensure that your dog will continue to enjoy gnawing on his favorite toys for many years to come!

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