Shedding is a fact of life. Most animals shed hair on an ongoing basis, just as we humans do. However, in spring and fall, most dogs and cats "blow their coats" in preparation for the coming seasonal changes.

Some animals lose but a little hair; others leave wads of it everywhere. How much is too much?

As long as your pet still appears to have a full, healthy coat, don't worry about apparently large amounts of shedding in spring or fall. It's normal. While it may be normal for your pet to shed, it can also be messy.

During heavy shedding seasons, the vacuum cleaner, dust mop, and lint removers (or duct tape wrapped sticky-side-out around your hand) can be life savers.

Our suggestion? Take your shedding pet outside and brush or comb every day while the animal is shedding. Then those gobs of hair just blow harmlessly away. They even make good mulch for your plants!

If you have indoor cats (like we have), you can either hold them on the porch to brush or brush them in a small space like your bathroom, where clean up is easy.

Brushing won't stop the shedding. It will, however, remove lots of loose hair where you want it to fall--outside!