1. First and foremost: make sure that your cat doesn't learn to associate the car with the veterinarian's office. Teach your cat otherwise by taking him or her on rides to other places.

2. Make the car a fun place: offer special treats, a favorite game, or catnip as a reward for being in the car. You can even take your cat out to the car and offer a reward in the parked vehicle to begin desensitization. Then work up to starting the engine, a short jaunt, and finally, a true drive.

3. Be sure your cat is safe in the car. For most cats, a carrier or ventilated cardboard box is appropriate

4. Never, ever leave your pet in a locked car during the daytime. Car interiors heat up incredibly quickly, even on mild days. Cracking a window won't prevent overheating.

5. Be prepared to prevent your cat from bolting when you stop the car and open the door.

6. These tips work best when you start with a kitten; however, adult cats can learn to gracefully accept a car ride.