Welcome Dr. Harvey

Elliott Harvey MH, the author of "The Healthy Wholistic Dog" is here to write natural healing articles and answer questions.

Pet Assure is proud to announce the arrival of Elliott Harvey MH, the author of “The Healthy Wholistic Dog” to write natural healing articles and answer questions. Creator and master formulator of “Great Life Performance Pet Products,”™ Elliott Harvey MH has been teaching natural protocols for many years, he is the innovator of the concept of freeze dried raw food on holistic kibble. He has lectured around the U.S., written articles for Animal Wellness Magazine, while acting as a consultant for Pet Product News.

The Internet:

I receive calls from concerned pet owners, confused by the array of conflicting information available on the Internet, which is a wonderful resource for information. It is also a trap for unsuspecting pet owners who do not have the ability to distinguish between accurate information and deceitful marketing.

To assist these owners, here are some simple pointers.

  1. Does the website have a technical person to answer your questions (not a sales person but an educated, reputable professional)?
  2. How long has the site been in existence?
  3. Do they list product ingredients in detail (why is the ingredient used in their formulation)?
  4. Do they list information sources and quote citations for the information they are putting on the web?
  5. Watch out for “trick” language.
  6. Ultimately, individuals must follow their instincts and feel comfortable with the sincerity of a company.

New exciting products:

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At Great Life Performance Pet Products we offer honesty, integrity and information. We stay in touch with professionals worldwide, and we research new products to offer only those that really work. We list the ingredients in all of our pet products, describing what they do and why they are included in our formulas. We believe very strongly that good health comes from prevention, and that is possible only through great nutrition. We stand behind and in front of every formula, every pet product—we literally surround you with accurate, tested, and proven information. It is then up to you to select which product will make your pet consider you the world’s best owner!

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