October 15, 2010 "Ask Seth"

My rabbit has a head tilt to the right side. What causes this?



My rabbit has a head tilt to the right side. What causes this and do I need to see the vet?

Roger, Kansas City

Head tilts in rabbits are commonly seen in veterinary hospitals. There are a few causes that include injury, ear infection, brain infection and even stroke. Young rabbits usually have infections and not strokes. The tilt can be mild to severe and can be treated with ear drop antibiotics for a few weeks. Your rabbit will need an examination by your veterinarian who will then prescribe these ear drops. More severe cases occur when the infection is centralized in the nervous system. A bacteria called pasteurella is usually the culprit and also can be treated with drugs. In smaller breed rabbits, E. Cuniculi is a parasite that causes head tilt and can be treated with a de-wormer obtained through your veterinarian.


Seth Mayersohn, CVT


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