October 15, 2009 "Ask Seth"

My cat has a consistent hairball problem. Why does it get worse in summer?


Dear Seth,

My cat has a consistent hair ball problem.  Why does it seem to get worse in the summer?  Do you have any tips to help me with Fluffy’s problem?

Hairballs are more of a problem in longhaired cats than short, but no one like to listen to a gagging cat. Hairballs are caused by too much hair in the stomach from grooming. Although there are many different remedies, preventative measures seem to work best.

Daily brushing is essential to prevent cat hairballs, especially during the warm months of the year. If you start brushing your cat during this time of the year, it is easier to train them to enjoy it. Your cat naturally tries to get rid of his or her excess undercoat in the summer, and your daily brushing will do that for them.

However, if your cat´s pattern of coughing up hairballs changes significantly, you should take your cat to the vet to find out why.


Seth Mayersohn, CVT


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