July 15, 2010 "Ask Seth"

My American Eskimo dog eats other dogs' poop every winter. Do you have a solution? This is gross!



I have an American Eskimo dog. Every winter he eats other dogs’ poop as if it’s a treat! I feed him very well. Do you have a solution? Sometimes he will search for dry poop and eat it. This is gross!

Thank you,

Holly Schneider

Your dog eating poop is called coprophagia and is common to young dogs. Some will grow out of it in a few weeks. Most of the time, they eat the poop because it smells tasty to them. Some people think that dogs do this because they lack nutrients in their diets, yet that is unlikely if you are feeding him quality food.

The best way to stop this habit is to pick up poop right away. I understand this can be difficult, especially in the winter, but if you remove the source of the bad behavior, the act will stop. If this continues, contact your veterinarian for advice. There is a medication called “Forbid” that makes the feces taste bitter, but it only works for some dogs. It is important to stop coprophagia because if your dog eats another dog’s feces he can contract intestinal parasites.


Seth Mayersohn, CVT


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