July 1, 2009 "Ask Seth"

Summer temperatures inside a car can be lethal in as time in less than 10 minutes!


Dear Seth,

I’ve been taking my puppy Tank everywhere with me since I got him 5 months ago. I want to continue, yet summer is here and I remember hearing you should never leave a dog alone in a car during summer time. What if I am just a few minutes in the store, and the car doesn’t get so hot if I just crack open the windows?



Leaving your dog alone in a car, even on warm days, can prove fatal. Countless dogs die each year in parked cars because the owner felt that they would not be long or they didn’t think it was that hot. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE IN A CAR FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME. The temperature inside your car may seem cool when you first stop the car, but parked cars’ temperature can easily double within as little as 6-10 minutes. This is because the car windows act like a greenhouse by trapping the heat in the car. Cracking a window will do little to slow this process. Also, a dog’s fur coat is designed to retain heat. Dogs cannot sweat and must pant to release heat. In short, do not leave your dog alone in a car, even on only warm days, and if you see a dog in distress in a car on a hot day, call the appropriate help or even the police. Your actions may save that animal;s life.

Seth Mayersohn, CVT


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