February 1, 2011 "Ask Seth"

My dog has a mole on his head that always gets infected and drains this time of year. I treat it but it never goes away. What do you think?



I have a 10-year old male, American Eskimo dog. He always has this mole thing on the top of his head, which during this time of year gets infected, with stuff draining out of it, and my dog loses his hair around the mole. I put peroxide on it and 3-D ointment. Do you know what this is?

Thank you,

Holly Schneider


I would consult your veterinarian to make sure it doesn’t turn into something more serious. By the simple explanation you have provided, it sounds like it comes and goes but never really goes away completely. This mole sounds like it is a dermal cyst that becomes infected. Cleaning it with peroxide and applying the 3-D ointment keeps it from getting worse; however, it does not seem to completely clear up the problem. I would suggest, when you have a flare-up that you continue doing what you have been doing, but you should also talk to your veterinarian about removing the cyst permanently. The next time you have your dog's teeth cleaned, ask your vet if he can remove the cyst while your dog is under anesthesia. This will allow your dog only one anesthetic procedure versus two, which is better for him.


Seth Mayersohn, CVT


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