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Dr. Elliott's Natural Health Emporium: Fleas

How can we combat those nasty parasites? Begin with a healthy immune system!

Dr. Elliott's Natural Health Emporium: Fleas

Spring - the rebirth of long dormant vibrant colors, the aromatic smell of flowers, the call of the blue jay, lush vegetables on the vine, fruiting trees.  It is a time when nature pours forth all of her glory and beauty.  It is also the dawn of a new season—flea season

Spring brings a re-emergence of that nasty flea waiting to strike your pet. The blood sucking, irritating little parasite can cause itchiness, redness loss of hair, flea allergy dermatitis and misery for your pet. The flea springs to life in the spring and summer and can make life miserable for many animals.

How can we combat those nasty parasites? Begin with a healthy immune system.  It’s true—fleas are more attracted to animals with a weak immune system or illness. Provide the best nutrition, preferably organic, and keep your pet’s environment natural, and free of chemicals.

Most important, do not use a chemical laden flea collar- since they contain poisons that successfully kill fleas but introduce lethal poisons into your pet’s blood stream.  Nature sends the pests but she sends the solutions!

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