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Dr. Elliott: The Web - Friend or Confusion?

The worldwide web is the gateway toward the knowledge we seek.

Dr. Elliott: The Web - Friend or Confusion?

The worldwide web is the gateway toward the knowledge we seek. Practically any subject can be found and answers to almost all questions can be found on the web. How do you know if the answers are accurate?

The web can be construed as a double-edged sword; some real answers to questions and some fabricated answers. How can you determine what to believe? It is getting harder and harder to find true answers, and know with many dog organizations answering health questions and networking interactions - the task is daunting to find the truth.

In the expanding field of natural remedies, very few of us have been active in the pet arena for many years working with natural remedies. Now, we are delighted to see more and more individuals have come to the realization that natural remedies are quite effective. The web is expanding at a rapid rate with new pet friendly web sites offering pet health information. When I visit one of these sites, I look for the author of the article or the data that supports the article. Many web sites are copying information from other web sites not knowing if the information is correct.

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To travel the complexities of the web, I have learned to look for these web based attributes when searching for answers:

  • How long has the site been up
  • Does the site offer more than one answer to the problem
  • Does the site contain any pharmaceutical references to a problem
  • Can you call the phone number listed on the site and be able to ask questions and receive answers from a qualified naturopath
  • Have you noticed the same answers on another site
  • Is the site geared to scare you into buying their products
  • Is this the originating site for the articles
  • Does the site advise you on how they know the information on the site is accurate
  • Does the site “feel” credible

These are just a sampling to find the correct answers. I always try and find out the owners of the site and determine if they have natural remedy backgrounds or just riding the web wave.

If you need a quality site for answers or products:

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