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Dr. Elliott: Importance of Minerals

Without proper minerals all enzyme activity, vitamin and amino acid synthesis would cease.

Dr. Elliott: Importance of Minerals

The elements that control the action!

For a long time vitamins have been the dominant conversation piece. However; without proper minerals all enzyme activity, vitamin and amino acid synthesis would cease. Minerals are the chemical reactor for many biological functions including: formation of bone and blood cells, nerve function, muscle tone, cellular fluid balance (acid/alkaline balance), hormone production, energy, tissue growth, and the assimilation of nutrients from food. Minerals essentially come from one of two sources, either inorganic, being from rocks, clays, sea beds (coral calcium has essential minerals and trace minerals-those from prehistoric dead coral reefs are preferred) etc., or organic-naturally processed through plant metabolism.

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Minerals and Function:

  1. Calcium - 99% of calcium is contained in the bones with the remainder serving as a catalyst for muscle contractions.

    Deficiency - improper digestion, poor bone growth, anemia, tooth decay, eczema, elevated blood cholesterol levels.

    Sources - Dulse, Kelp, Green Leafy Vegetables, Coral, Oyster Shell, Aloe Vera, Barley Juice Powder, Chia, Parsley.

    *Avoid Calcium Carbonate - very poor absorption and may contain metallic aluminum or lead. Chelated forms such as gluconate, citrates are preferred.

  2. Boron - Manufacture of hormones - helps maintain normal testosterone levels.

    Deficiency - bone pain, mineral uptake, arthritis

    Sources - Sardines, Salmon, Dark Leafy Vegetables

  3. Copper - Important in forming collagen and elastin - this is the connective tissues of skin, muscles, heart, blood vessels and taste.

    Deficiency - weak heart, osteoarthritis, low energy, anemia, loss of hair, joint problems, degraded immune function.

    Sources - Beef Liver, Organ Meats, Green Leafy Vegetables

  4. Phosphorus - Metabolism of Red Blood cells with direct actions in brain, nerves, teeth, cell growth, vitamin uptake, muscles.

    Deficiency - poor eating, low energy, nerves, irregular heart action, body dynamics

    Sources - Fish, Eggs, Poultry, Whole Grains 
  5. Potassium - Has direct action with Blood, Heart, Kidneys, Muscles, Nerves, Skin, and Irregular growth.

    Deficiency - fatigue, degraded muscles, irregular Heartbeat, diabetes, colic, diarrhea, kidney damage, dry skin

    Sources - Poultry, Green Leafy Vegetables, Tomatoes, Whole grains, Squash, Spirulina

  6. Iron - Allows oxygen transport from lungs to body tissue, including: muscles and brain.

    Deficiency - stressed breathing, anemia, obesity, reduced white blood cell count

    Sources - Desiccated Liver, Meat, Poultry, Green Leafy Vegetables, Whole Grains, Kelp

  7. Zinc - The most abundantly utilized mineral in the body and is constantly being used in the system. Effects of Zinc range from cell growth to Immunity to enzymes to body fitness. Zinc needs to be replenished constantly.

    Deficiency - impaired growth, poor immune system, poor vision, poor taste and appetite, dermatology problems

    Sources - Dulse, Kelp, Lamb, Poultry, Whole Grains

  8. Manganese - Aids in bone and cartilage growth and health.

    Deficiency - arthritis, ear problems, weak tissues, glandular disorders, impaired reproductive functions

    Sources - Parsley, Carrots, Blueberries, Green Leafy Vegetables,
    Whole Grains, Spinach, Kelp

  9. Magnesium - Utilized in more than 275 enzyme actions. Helps with the biological conversion of Vitamin D into a form that helps allow proper absorption of calcium. Additional actions: Heart action, Hearing Loss. Very important mineral for essential body functions.

    Deficiency - nerves, digestive disorders, muscle stiffness, soft bones, epilepsy, diabetes, aggressiveness.

    Sources - Green Vegetables, Apples, Dulse, Aloe Vera, Barley, Wheat 

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