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Dr. Elliott: Healing Power of Mushrooms

The Healing Power of Mushrooms

Dr. Elliott: Healing Power of Mushrooms

Have you and your dog had your reishi today?

There are approximately 100,000 varieties of mushrooms in the world.

The main body of the fungus lives on dead trees and tree roots, varying in size from a few inches to several miles wide. Mushrooms are uniquely able to develop natural biological defenses that prevent bacteria and viruses from entering their structure. This is what makes mushrooms important as medicinal aids in treating and preventing disease in animals.

A short time ago, a pouch of mushrooms was found near an unearthed frozen caveman estimated to be 5,000 years old. The mushrooms were found to have anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. This species was named "Ice man mushrooms".

In recent decades, scientific and medical research has been confirming the efficacy of mushrooms and identifying their bio active molecules. A number of purified compounds extracted from various mushrooms are now being used successfully against sarcomas, allergies, immune disorders, antibiotic activity and invigorating the immune system.

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Agaricus Blazei - High level of Beta-glucans and activates NK killer cells. Uses include immune booster, anti-tumor, anti-viral, antibacterial

Reishi - Anti-oxidant, immune modulator, lowers cholesterol, liver & kidney detoxification, supports immune system during chemotherapy

Corydyceps - Anti-tumor, cholesterol lowering, anemia, helps build bone marrow, liver & kidney fortifier

Maitake - Anti-diabetic, anti-viral, immune booster, arthritis, lung deficiencies, anti-parasitic, helps relieve side effects of chemotherapy

Oyster - B-Vitamins, 8 essential amino acids, fiber, iron, blood strengthener, sarcomas

Chaga - Anti-tumor, appetite stimulator, pain reduction

Lions Mane - Anti-microbial, immune modulator, stomach ailments, improved muscle & motor response

Shitake - Liver helper, strong anti-viral and anti-tumor properties, stimulates lymphocytes and immune helpers

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