Dr. Elliott: Common Questions and Answers

Helpful tips and solutions to some frequent questions and concerns

Many concerned individuals have been calling and emailing with various questions. Today I will answer some of the questions that often come up.

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My dog went with us on a trip. When we returned he was constipated.
What can be the cause of this?


Constipation may have been caused by on of the following:

  • Eating a foreign object –causing a blockage
  • Stress
  • Lack of beneficial fiber
  • Change of food

Add some Aloe Vera, mineral oil or psyllium to your dog’s meal. This can flush out small objects. If you don’t see movement in 2 days, severe blockage may have occurred; contact your veterinarian immediately.


How can we get rid of “Hot Spots”?


Skin ailments, including dermatitis, would be less severe or removed altogether if we would get away from chemicals, preservatives and environmental pollutants. Food allergies are a continuing source of skin problems. When the animal’s elimination system is overtaxed trying to ride the body of toxins the epidermal layer secretes, with the excessive amounts of toxins creating skin problems. Change to a grain/potato free diet, read treat labels and eliminate any treat containing by-products, preservatives, food coloring, dyes, etc. Refresh the skin with Aloe Vera gel (8oz) mixed with a couple of drops of essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Tea Tree oil.


We heard potatoes may not be beneficial for a dog. Why?


Potatoes have been linked to various antagonistic elements. Acrylamide is a natural cancer producing element linked to potatoes after high temperature heating. Sugar-potatoes have a glycemic rating of 76 out of 100 (100 being the worst) and contain the highest amount of sugar of all root vegetables. Eating potatoes is similar in sugar content to giving your dog donuts. This may be one reason why dog diabetes and cancer is on the rise.


Do you have any good and healthy recipes for a great treat?


In my book “The Healthy Wholistic Dog” I list various recipes for cancer-preventing, immune-building treats. Here is one treat recipe that’s quite fun and tasty:

Shadows Sushi Surprise


  • Organic brown rice
  • Boneless organic raw chicken (can be boiled. If boiled, save the juice for tasty gravy on your dog’s food)
  • Seaweed wrap
  • Fish oil or Coconut or Sancha Oil
  • Organic Flax Seeds.

Prepare the rice following directions. Pound the chicken breast until thin and then cut into strips. Add a little water to your hands and form the rice into a small ball shape. Wrap a piece of chicken around the rice ball and secure with seaweed wrap. Brush oil over the top of each ball and sprinkle on some flax seeds. Extra portions can be frozen.


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