Ask Seth: Dog Micro-chipping

I am considering having my dog Anabelle micro-chipped. How is this procedure done and is it safe?

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Dear Seth,

I am considering having my dog Anabelle, microchipped.  How is this procedure done and is it safe?

Sheila, from MI


If you are looking for a permanent identification for your pet then microchipping is for Anabelle.  Microchipping can be beneficial in reuniting you with your pet in the event that you become separated.  Microchipping can also be used to prove positive ownership if that ever comes into question.  The microchipping procedure is very simple and very safe.  Talk to your veterinarian about the risks that concern you.  Most hospitals will use a local anesthetic to numb a small area between the shoulder blades.  Using a sterile needle the microchip is injected under the skin where it will remain indefinitely.  This microchip has an ID number that coincides with the information you provide to the chip company.  There are many brands on the market but most scanners can detect another brand to inform the user there is a microchip present.  I would recommend using the brand that your veterinarian suggests.  Because the microchip can only be detected with a scanner, I strongly recommend that the animal also wear an ID tag in conjunction with the chip.  This is usually included with the chip and also has the ID number on the tag, allowing someone that finds a lost animal to return them without the involvement of a professional veterinarian or animal shelter.  ID tags have the added benefit of immediate identification.

Seth Mayersohn, CVT

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