Ask Seth: Diabetic Cat Diet

My cat had diabetes. Food is out all the time, yet he is still underweight. Any high protein, high fat suggestions?

My cat, Shadow, has diabetes. He takes glipizide (doesn't need insulin - yet!) and eats Hills MD food for diabetic cats. The food is always out. He is still about 4 pounds underweight (he should weigh around 15 pounds). He'll eat a bit of the yolk of my poached egg. Any other high protein and fat, low carb suggestions?


St. Louis MO

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My First recommendation would be to talk about these concerns with your Veterinarian. I recommend this because your Vet knows your pet medically and has the medical tests to support their viewpoint. I also say this because I have worked with internal medicine veterinarians that are very strict in the dietary restrictions they enforce for their patients. The formula is easy and the dosage can remain relatively the same if the intake remains the same. Speak to your vet prior to adding anything new to your animal’s diet.

This is what I know to be high protein, low sugars and carbohydrate treats. Cats lover freeze dried liver snacks. You should be able to purchase these at a local pet store but you'll want to make sure that there is no added sodium, sugar or carbohydrate. They are usually 100% natural, but some companies like to make them sweeter to entice the animal to eat them. The one that our internal medicine specialist used was the MD canned food. Open the can and make it come out in one whole piece. She would then have the owners cut it into slices and bake it at 325 for 10-15 minutes. Use your best judgment on this to see how Shadow responds to different cook times, because some cats will like the softer treats while others prefer the harder ones. Your cat remains on the same diet and this does not add unwanted sugars and carbohydrates to the diet.

Thank you,

Seth L. Mayersohn, CVT

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