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Affordable pet plans from America's pet experts

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Veterinary Discount Plan

by Pet Assure

Instant discounts

on in-house medical services from participating providers, including routine and emergency care.

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Mint Wellness

by Pet Assure


for annual routine pet care expenses from any veterinary provider.

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All pets are eligible

Every member of the animal kingdom (besides humans) can be covered by Pet Assure plans. Enroll pets of any age and with any diagnosed health conditions including those traditional pet insurance companies deem pre-existing.

What's a discount plan?

  • Instant savings at the vet
  • Thousands of participating providers
  • No claim submission needed
  • Routine & emergency coverage

What's a wellness plan?

  • Money back on vet bills
  • Visit any veterinarian
  • Simple online claim submission
  • Routine wellness coverage

Take control of your pet's care

From sensible pets requiring only routine visits to rollicking troublemakers landing themselves in an emergency clinic, Pet Assure knows that happiness begins with good health - and every pet deserves to be healthy!

Pet parents are happier with Pet Assure

No deductible and no waiting period!

"I had two yorkies. Spay & neuter on both done the same day... I had just enrolled, no deductible and no waiting period!! I am so happy!"

- Jean

Paid for itself

"It has already paid for itself in the first months of using it. It was fast, easy, and I was able to use it the minute I signed up. I recommend it to many others."

- Suzie

What makes us the pet experts?

Since 1995 we've put pets and their families first. As pet parents ourselves, we know the importance of the bond you share with your animal companion. We protect that bond by ensuring you have everything you need to give your pet the best care, affording you both a long and happy life together.

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