Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do I get the 25% off when I pay my bill or does Pet assure reimburse me later?

A: It's instant savings! Simply show your card and the veterinary staff will deduct 25% off all medical services, right then and there. You do not have to file any claim forms nor do you have to wait for reimbursement – you get your savings right at the time of service.

Q: Can I use this together with pet insurance?

A: Yes! We have many members who use Pet Assure together with pet insurance and it works great! Since regular pet insurance companies require that you pay first and then submit your claim, simply show your Pet Assure card at that time and get your 25% discount. Then, submit your discounted bill to your insurance company. This way you save an extra 25% on all your out-of-pocket expenses.

Q: What procedures are discounted? Will the vet give me a discount on dental cleaning/services? How about spays and neuters? Emergency surgeries? Routine visits?

A: Yes to all! For Pet Assure members, the veterinarian discounts any and all medical services. This includes the office visit, exams, shots, surgery, dental cleaning & services, spays & neuters, x-rays and any other procedures the vet performs.

Q: Is there anything that is not covered?

A: These are the only things which will NOT be covered by Pet Assure at the vet: 1) Products which you take home with you (e.g. food, prescriptions) 2) Outsourced Services (e.g. mobile radiologist or phlebotomist) 3) Anything already on special (i.e. some Veterinarians run a special for Dental Month, or Lyme Disease Awareness Month). 4) Grooming

Q: Is Pet Assure only for dogs and for cats, or does it work for other animals as well?

A: Besides dogs and cats, we cover horses, ferrets, birds, rats (really!), hamsters, snakes and any other member of the animal kingdom. We have even had Pet Assure members with llamas and monkeys!

Q: Does this work for pre-existing conditions?

A: Yes. Pet Assure has no medical exclusions! The vet will discount all medical services on any pet – any breed, any age, and in any health condition by 25%. You can even enroll pets with pre-existing and hereditary conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, hip dysplasia, kennel cough, patellar luxation, etc.

Q: Is there a maximum amount of times I can get my Pet Assure discount?

A: No. Pet Assure is limitless. You can use it as often as you want for as much as you want, and you'll save 25% every time, on every vet medical service.

Q: Where can I find a list of vets in my area?

A: You can search for providers by clicking here.

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