Lost pet service

We know that you worry about losing your beloved pet.

With our Lost Pet Recovery Service you needn't worry any longer. Included with your Pet Assure
membership is a unique Pet ID tag for each pet.

  1. STEP 1 image description Attach ID Tag to Pet’s Collar
  2. STEP 2 image description Your Pet
    is Found
  3. STEP 3 image description We keep calling all the numbers
    you provide
  4. 4 image description Home
    at Last!

Each tag has a unique ID number and our Toll Free 24/7 Lost Recovery Service number.

Simply secure the tag to your pet’s collar and rest assured knowing that if your pet does run away, Pet Assure will do everything to return him home.

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Anyone that finds your pet can call the 24-7 Lost Pet Recovery Toll-Free number and provide the ID number displayed on your pet’s tag.

Our operators will look up all contact information tied to that unique ID number and go right to work. They’ll call your home, your work, your cell phone, and every emergency contact you provided, until they find you!

If you lose your pet, it should be as easy as possible for the finder to return him/her. An electronic chip requires a visit to the vet or a shelter that scans lost pets for microchips (most don’t). Your home phone number on the tag will not be much help if you are not home, and very often pets get lost while on vacation and away from home.

Pet Assure makes it so easy for the finder to return a pet.