You think the woman down the street dyeing her poodle pink was a big deal? Wait till you see these pets!

Creative pet grooming competitions have been around for a while, but they seem to have ramped up in recent years. The UK’s Daily Mail ran an article showcasing some spectacular transformations from dog to linebacker, buffalo, peacock, panda and even a camel! Check them out:  One recent Los Angeles contest included a dog made to resemble Hannah Montana, and the resemblance was striking!
The pooches’ lovingly manicured manes are highly temporary. The dogs are usually shaved right after the competition. This is probably for the best, wouldn’t you agree?
Most creative grooming competitions have a time limit. Contestants are brought in pre-colored, but the grooming and accessorizing takes place within two hours. For some of the transformations, that’s a pretty incredible dog trick.
These competitions are not limited to poodles, but they seem to be the most popular breed. Their fur definitely holds shapes better than that of many other dogs. One unfortunate cat seems to have made it into competition as well, but that transformation process was probably less friendly.

Competitive creative grooming is a topic people often have strong opinions about. Either they love it and think its fun, or they hate it and think its cruelty. Post a comment and let us know what you think. Have you ever competed in a show? Of the links from this post, which animal is the cutest? My money is on the panda.

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