Why is my dog peeing in my house?

Dog on Leather CouchYour dog peed where? Inappropriate urination in dogs is a concern for any owner and may be caused by any number of reasons from improper house training to behavioral issues.

If your dog is older than a puppy, you may need to re-housetrain them. Use of a crate and training pads are optimal when they are unsupervised. Placing a bell on a string at your door is a great way to teach them to alert you to their needs.

Dogs that exhibit increased water intake/urination, straining, discoloration or blood in urine or discomfort when urinating may be displaying symptoms of bladder infections, bladder/kidney stones, urinary crystals, diabetes or other diseases.

Canine urinary incontinence symptoms are similar to other urinary diseases but lack straining or discoloration. Your dog will be just as surprised as you are. Dogs with urinary incontinence can also suffer from urine scalding and should be kept clean and dry.

Untreated diabetic dogs may also have decreased appetite, weight gain, and lethargy symptoms as well. These are serious ailments, visit your veterinarian if they are showing any symptoms.

Behavioral problems can include submissive, fear-based and excitement urination. If your pet urinates when you show dominance, do not reassure them as it reinforces this behavior. Fear-based urination may be alleviated with exposing your pet to slowly to the things that frighten them. If your pet is urinating when you first give them attention, you should first ignore them when they greet you. With any behavioral urination, do not immediately show displeasure or reprimand your dog, rather direct them outside immediately after they urinate and do not let them see you clean up. Aggravated interactions can make these behavioral issues worse. Consulting a veterinary behaviorist is another course of action if working with your dog at home does not work.

Do you have experience with inappropriate dog urination? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below!

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