What to Feed Cats with Diabetes

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If your cat has diabetes, discover some dietary restrictions he/she may need to start following.

Diabetes isn't just a disease humans endure; it can also affect our furry friends. If your cat has diabetes, changes to their diet may need to be made if you hope to combat the disease.

Diabetes in Cats

Diabetes is a disease that results from a disorder in the pancreas. Type 1 cannot be cured and is when your pet’s body isn’t creating enough insulin. Type 2 can be cured and is when the body is unable to use insulin correctly.

Interesting fact: in canines, spayed females are more likely to develop the disease but in felines, neutered males are at a higher risk. However, both cats and dogs are more likely to develop the condition if they are overweight.

Changing Your Cat's Diet

Switching up your feline’s diet—with your vet’s recommendation—is one of the best ways to help either control or correct the condition. The right diet will help maintain your animal’s weight, which is very important. Obese pets have even more difficulty in processing insulin, which then makes controlling the disease hard. In addition, the fewer carbs your cat gets, the easier it is for the body to control the blood sugar levels. So the diabetes diet focuses more on protein and less on carbohydrates.

You'll want to speak to your vet for a specific recommendation for your animal, but, generally, dry food contains more carbohydrates, whereas canned food contains less. You may need to switch your feline to canned food over dry food.

For the best food brand to switch to, consult with your veterinarian. Your animal doctor will be able to tell you what your pet’s new dietary restrictions are and what the treatment plan is based on the stage of the disease. Most plans include new eating habits, an exercise plan and medications.

For more information on diabetes in cats, please visit the Pet Assure education webpage on the topic.

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