What to Feed a Dog with Diabetes

Dogs suffering from diabetes need to have a special diet. Get up to speed on what that means.

One of our fabulous readers sent in a question for this week’s blog post: What diet should dogs with diabetes be on, and what are the restrictions? To fully answer this question, we must first understand what diabetes is.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when there is a problem with how the pancreas produces insulin. The pancreas is the organ in charge of converting food into fuel for the body’s cells. Insulin is a hormone that helps in this process.

Type-1 diabetes is when your dog’s body is not creating enough insulin. Type-2 diabetes is more common and is when the body is unable to use the insulin correctly. Either way, this disease means that the canine’s body doesn’t process sugars and carbohydrates as well as it should.

Changing Your Dog's Diet

By simply switching up your furry friend’s eating habits, you’ll be able to help keep the disease in check, or even help cure it. It’s important to understand that Type-1 diabetes cannot be cured, but Type-2 diabetes can often be cured with weight loss. So one of the most important ways to either control diabetes or even get rid of the disease (and to help your pet live longer) is to watch his/her diet.

Once your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, consult with your veterinarian about your animal’s new eating plan. They will be able to give you the requirements that your pet needs and may have a brand recommendation, as well. Most veterinarians recommend switching the dog food to include a high protein and low carbohydrate mix. Also, switch from feeding your pooch one large meal a day to several small meals throughout the day.

Another way to help the condition is to improve your pet’s exercise regimen. For more information on diabetes in dogs, visit the Pet Assure education webpage.

Thank you to our reader for that question! We welcome all questions, so please send them in.

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