Westminster Dog Show: Where Trophies and Unusual Names Abound

The Westminster dog show is one of the most famous dog shows in the entire world. Review the list of the competition’s biggest winners, and most unusual names.

Quickly following the competition between football teams on Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest competition between dogs came around. It’s the Westminster Dog Show.

The show was held in New York City on February 11 and 12, 2013. While the show has been around since 1877, this year featured some new titles. There’s a new award, the “Reserve Best in Show” award, which is essentially the runner-up to the “Best in Show” winner. Also, this year’s competition featured two new breeds: the Treeing Walker Coonhound (Hound group) and the Russell Terrier (Terrier group).

Just in case you missed it, all the winners from the major categories are listed below. And if you’re searching for a name for a new pet—or a current pet nickname—try these on for size. Many are quite a mouthful!

Best in Show and Best in Group, Toy: Banana Joe the Affenpinscher
Reserve Best in Show and Best in Group, Herding: Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect the Old English Sheepdog
Best in Group, Hound: Kiarry’s Pandora’s Box the American Foxhound
Best in Group, Non-Sporting: Vogelflight’s Honor To Pillowtalk the Bichons Frises
Best in Group, Sporting: Mt View’s Ripsnortersilvercharm the Pointer (German Wirehaired)
Best in Group, Working: Claircreek Impression De Matisse the Portuguese Water Dog
Best in Group, Terrier: Slyfox Sneak’s a Peek the Fox Terrier (Smooth)

To get more information on the winners or the history behind the Westminster dog show, visit  www.westminsterkennelclub.org.

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