Weird Cat Behaviors

Your cat does what? Almost all pet owners will claim that their animal does some strange things. However, some cat owners are surprised that their feline isn’t the only one doing something odd!

As a person who grew up around cats, I feel pretty confident when I say that I am familiar with the typical feline behavior. However, it is surprising to me how many odd cat behaviors seem to be the norm with cats. Has your pet ever rubbed against your leg at just the right time of day for dinner? Or, has your animal ever hidden its favorite toy in the food or water bowl? If you have answered yes, you are not alone! But why do our cats do these weird things? Let’s find out!

  • Rubbing the leg: you should feel honored if your cat ever does this to you. Essentially, this is your pet marking you as its person. Felines have special scent glands underneath the skin on their chins, and in the area around their eyes. When your animal rubs its face against your body, it is marking you with its scent. Cats normally do this when they are in a peaceful and loving mood. Mine does it if I’m not in the kitchen when the clock strikes 6 p.m.—his dinner time.
  • Hiding toys in food/water bowls: this is simply your pet trying to find a safe place for its prized possession. If your cat has a bed or pillow that it sleeps on, there is a good chance that this is where it will keep its favorite toys.
  • Sudden hissing: some owners find that their pet will suddenly hiss or bite them during a petting session. Do not take this as a sign that your pet is angry or doesn’t like you anymore!  This behavior typically happens when your animal is trying to tell you that it has had enough petting or stroking.

Just like humans, cats can be a little weird. Share your furry friend’s odd behaviors with us in the comment section. Let’s see if other readers find it’s true for their pet, too!

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