Weather Emergency: Are you prepared?

If heavy rains and flooding are on the news, or a brushfire threatens your home… Get yourself and your pet ready with an emergency plan.

I talked about hurricane safety in a blog post this past spring.  I’ve recently come across some other great information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Research shows that people who don’t plan for their pets if they need to leave their home in an emergency are more likely to remain at home when something like severe weather or a forest fire threatens. That puts both the pets and people in harm’s way.

So FEMA says that one important step to protect you and your family is to plan ahead to care for your pets. Get ready now to leave your home with your pet during any emergency:

–         Find out now where the nearest emergency shelter is that will take pets. Not all of them will.
–         Talk to relatives or friends who live in other areas. Create a buddy system to help each other out with pet care during an emergency.
–         Find pet-friendly hotels or campgrounds, or locate a kennel.
–         Gather or make a list of emergency pet supplies you will need, including medicines, food and water, medical records (including rabies information) plus a pet carrier and/or leash. Have enough supplies for at least three days.
–         Keep a pet first aid kit next to the human version.
–         Watch the news for potential weather emergencies, and gather your supplies and information well ahead of the time you’ll need it.
– For detailed information about keeping yourself and your pet safe in an emergency, see FEMA's toolkit for pet emergencies.
– FEMA’s "Three Steps" video also gives you and your family great information.

Share this article with your friends and family so they will be prepared in case of emergency.

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