Water, Water, Everywhere!

Summer is officially here! Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your pet has enough clean water.
With the rising temperatures, you might have already noticed some differences in how much water your dog or cat is drinking. Even if they’re drinking more, you might want to encourage them to drink more during the hottest days and weeks.
Leave several bowls of water out. Dogs and cats alike are more likely to drink if they have ready access to water. Take extra steps to make sure they have clean water every day.
Dogs will usually keep themselves hydrated as long as there is clean water available. Cats are another thing, though.
For cats, having enough to drink helps prevent kidney stones and kidney failure. Depending on the type of food they eat, they can get at least some water from their food. For cats who hunt, water isn’t usually a big problem. For housecats who eat dry food, providing water is much more essential. Cats are often picky about their water, so keep it fresh. If your cat is particularly finicky, try one of those pet-designed fountains that run fresh water constantly. If your cat likes to play in the sink, set aside some kitty time there for her.
Any pet may be dehydrated without showing visible signs. To check for dehydration, pull the skin over his shoulders, if possible. If the skin is slow to return to its normal position, your pet is likely dehydrated.
Monitor your pet for any sudden changes in water consumption. Drinking much more or less than normal may be a cause for concern, and you should contact your veterinarian.

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